A new home

30 July 2021


We moved into our flat about a month and a half ago now, and it's starting to feel like home. It's just a little flat in a converted Edwardian house, but it has lots of windows and a lovely view of the downs. 
I have been busy improving the walls and painting them white which is a big job so I have been doing as much as I can between work and children.

Here are some pictures of when we first moved in, and some are of mid-woodchip removal...

(this is my room before I began work on it)

moving in day disco.

We discovered a cherry tree and wild strawberries outside which the kids love to pick everyday (ripe or not).

Living room chaos

Kids room chaos

Bathroom not too bad.

The kitchen is very new but I'm planning to paint it.

I have zero budget for anything as I have to pay a lot to make the communal stairwell fire compliant (a very long story), so just paint and elbow grease.

I am changing the door handles though! what a difference it makes straight away. The doors are original.

I hope to hire a plasterer to skim over those artex ceilings one day, but it will have to wait for now.

It was so relaxing to get the living room all stripped and painted white. I really love the light in this flat.

I started work on my tiny room, I'm just pleased to finally have a place to put my own bed after a long very time. 

The walls underneath the paper was even worse in this room.

I was using a steamer which was very effective.

We have a very tiny balcony too, which gets the afternoon sun.

I will add some more photos when I start to get some of the rooms done. The living room and bedroom are pretty much finished, just putting up some shelves and lights and that's it. 
Next I'm doing the hallway and then bathroom and bedroom. I'll do the kids room last because they've had enough disruption to their lives for now, and it's okay as it is for a bit.

I have been working on my business too, and organising a new workspace. It is so amazing to have a proper place to work. So I am working from home and decorating simultaneously, but I have also been washing off the paint from my skin in the sea which has been glorious.

Happy summer to you all!


  1. I take my hat off to you ( as they say ) … you are doing a superb job and juggling many plates at once.
    Your new home looks like a lovely place in a gorgeous location-take time as well and enjoy the summer.
    Happy New Home to you and your lovely family xxx

  2. It looks lovely so far.

  3. A light filled place to call your own at last😊 You are such a hard worker and amazing mum. I loved the moving-in-day disco 💃🏻 🕺. Wishing you the best always❤️

  4. A pretty, light-filled place to call your own again at last 😊 You are such a hard worker and amazing mum. I loved the moving-in-day disco 💃🏻 🕺 wishing you happy home making and the best of everything❤️

  5. Anonymous31.7.21

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! What a gorgeously serene bathroom to relax in after a hard day of stripping and painting! And that Balcony is just a little bit of heaven! Just SO SO Happy for You!!! xxx

  6. After a little while, the artex will cease to be noticed, but you will be forever grateful for the view and your garden and balcony, and that glorious light. Well done for finding such a lovely flat.

  7. I have followed you for quite some time but never commented before. I am so happy that things turned out for you, the flat will be beautiful when it is ready and life will turn to normal again. Enjoy your new life, wonderful children and the sea.

  8. It looks lovely, I hope you're all going to be very happy there

  9. I will enjoy many more cups of tea with you as I watch you renovate your new home.

  10. Well done on your move and hard work redecorating your new home. I’ve been there stripping magnolia painted woodchip wallpaper with a steamer, so I know what that’s like… you’ll get there bit by bit!

  11. If anyone can work magic with paint and elbow grease, it is you Artemis. So.so happy for your new home. Wishing you much ease in the future when all things done (although they never are, right? a good home is never "done". But sending you virtual elbow balm to keep your joints in good working order. I wish I closer and could drop by with a basket of tea, beer and vegan treats.

  12. So glad you have your own place. Enjoy!

  13. You have a wonderful way of turning a house into a home, the wait has certainly been worth it to have a home with so much light, those glorious views and a garden - bonus. I am thrilled that you have found your happy place. It must be lovely to sit out on your balcony after a long day of renovating and working and breathe in those views.

  14. Wishing you lots of happiness in your new home xx

  15. Looks fantastıc!..dont't rush for anything enjoy every moment..


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