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19 October 2012

Our daughter was born on 14th October, weighing 7.5lbs
Oh my, what a wonder it is to give birth to an actual human! Something so perfect {well,  I AM biased} could come out of my body is still unbelievable. I feel like we just ordered her from Amazon or something. We are totally besotted and cant stop looking at her. She has a million different expressions and sounds, you never know whats coming next!
She is learning what she likes and doesn't like and we are learning to keep up with that!
So far so good : )
The name Pehr is a Swedish boys name {comes from the name Peter} and is also a girls name in Hindu, meaning 'phase or time of the day'
We just like the sound of it {we pronounce it like 'pear'}
As you can see, she looks a lot like her dad! but I sometimes see tiny glimpses of me...a Japanese me, which is very odd...but I like it very much! xxx

I'll be back with more updates soon, when she is having a nap...
p.s. these photos were taken at 2 days old. xxx

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