5 October 2017

for Iris

In May of this year I had the privilege to meet my beautiful baby niece Iris Ava, who, so sadly passed away during the early stages of labour. 
She had dark brown hair like her mum, and her nose was just like my brother's. She was so perfect in every way.
She is and always will be my niece, a member of our family. She is special and unique, and as important as any other baby. 

Her mum, Marie, is my friend since middle school, and her dad, Blaise, is my eldest brother. They waited many many years to have a baby, and when they were told that it would be unlikely, they accepted this sadly may not happen for them.
But then, like a miracle, she became pregnant and the pregnancy went very well without any problems...all was perfectly normal and I was so utterly happy for them.
Iris died at 41 weeks pregnant. Just before they arrived at the hospital. The doctors believe it was due to an infection which had happened very suddenly and completely unbeknownst to her mum.
We are so totally heartbroken for them.

'Iris was our baby girl.
She was unable to stay, some people say, she was too beautiful for earth.
Why she was taken away will never make sense to us, 
we had waited so long for her, it felt like a life time...

...and now we have to live another lifetime without her.
Those silent moments we had with her, we will treasure.
She will live on in our hearts forever.''
by Marie, (Iris' mum). 

There is really nothing to console a parent who has lost their child, but we can help Iris' memory live on, and give her a place in the world which was denied her at the last minute.

We came up with the idea to raise money on her behalf.

Together with Iris' mum, we have designed and produced a little necklace to commemorate her, and raise money for Tommys.org, the baby charity, helping to save babies lives.

It brings comfort to know that others may know her name, know of her existence and know how treasured she will always be. 

Too many babies are stillborn each year in the UK and very often no cause can be found. 
By raising awareness and researching the causes of Stillbirth and promoting warning signs that may save even just one of these babies, then Iris would have helped to make the biggest imprint to the world that a person can make.

A tiny teardrop of amethyst, the colour of an iris flower.
All of the sale price will be donated to Tommy's in the name of Iris Ava. If you would like to purchase an Iris' necklace, head over to our jewellery website (while stocks last) >
Or you can donate independently via Iris' 'In memory page' (any amount will be very gratefully received)> https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/irisava
For more information about the charity, Tommy's, please visit their website here> https://www.tommys.org
And 'good to know' information here too> http://gbss.org.uk
Please also support #babylossawarenessweek from the 9th - 15th October
Follow Tommy's on Facebook to receive up-to-date warning sign information and things to look out for, as well as expert advice and support from the Tommy's midwife team. 
We were so surprised how completely uninformed about the risks of stillbirth and Strep B most women are (including ourselves). There are still many misconceptions of what is normal during pregnancy.
Thank you so much for reading 😌

29 September 2017


I get the odd message now and again, about how is it going with two children sharing a room.
The truth is that it has been a non-issue, a nothing, a very easy transition.
I moved our littlest into his sister's room from our bedroom, at about 8 months old.
He slept as usual, not disturbed in anyway. Little P was very welcoming of her brother and possibly glad of the company. It required a reshuffle of our small Victorian house, it was tricky to fit everything in without it feeling too claustraphobic.

(I took these photos after a lot of cleaning btw 😂) 

We probably will go for bunk beds eventually, but for now I'm quite happy to keep the cot for a little while longer.

They don't really spend a lot of time in their room, as we have lots of toys and space downstairs. However, as they get older I'm sure they will be skulking up to their room, grunting requests through the door. They may want to have their own separate space...which we sadly do not have.

I don't believe in making children adhere to very confining stereotypes based on their gender, and it never entered into my head to make a 'boys' side and a 'girls' side, and I'm glad to say, neither did they!

I reckon that anywhere that you sleep, work or learn should be very neutral and free of too much clutter (although I am guilty of clutter for sure). Whenever I have a major sort out of their room and declutter it a bit, they seem to love being in there...exploring new space and finding things they hadn't seen for a while.

They have a lot of toys, don't get me wrong, but they are all stored in tubs and baskets which slide under the bed...so easy to put away.

So if you are in the same situation, a future of living in a two bedroom house with two kids then all I can say is...for us it's fine at the moment!