4 October 2015

another little monster*

Quite incredibly, (because running a business, a shop, an online shop and a three year old weren't keeping us busy enough ; ) I am having another little monster to join the clan.
This will hopefully occur next spring, so I will have a winter of looking like a flump until I pop.

Our daughter seems to be taking it all in her stride, and has agreed to share her toys and even her room which is a good start. She has been looking after me really well even though I have been a mega boring mum (morning sickness/hangover head and tiredness still going strong, I'm not sure where Mother Nature was going with this one). I'm really taken aback with her maturity and ability to grasp concepts that I thought would be beyond her (she is almost 3). Of course this all may change as soon as the baby arrives and the endless sibling arguments will commence!

I have to say, there is another part of me which sort of loathes being pregnant.
I'm not a particularly shy or private person, but when it comes to my body and my reproductive organs, I do find all the sudden attention (from well meaning people) all a bit much, in fact I feel very embarrassed and sometimes quite humiliated with all the questions and looking and even touching (eeergh!) by people, even who I don't really know that well.
In fact, to me, I only really feel comfortable with all the pregnancy stuff with my mister and tot! (and midwife of course)...and via my blog where I can make my feelings clear in my own way.
Now I live in a very small town where people love to ask the same questions over and over in a polite conversational way. I'm not sure how to deal with this one! When I get huge I think I will stay indoors ; ) (or in my shed sewing).

Anyways, I'm only telling you all this because it's not the sort of thing I can articulate very well in real life, and people might think I'm not excited, or maybe it wasn't planned and look a bit confused that I didn't bring up the subject or I changed subject very quickly.
Not all women like the attention of being pregnant. When men announce a pregnancy, people do not stare at their groin area or pat it in a well done manner do they?
Although that would be quite amusing.

All in all, I hope that I will slip by most people's radar and just suddenly appear with an infant that they can shower with attention instead ; )

Of course I love talking about all thing baby related via my blog, as I have always found easier via writing and making things. I think I wrote about similar issues on my blog last time I was prego.
I hope I can get a bit more time to update it, although I am a bit too busy with work at the moment, I hope this will ease off soon so I can get back to my old routine again.
In the meantime, there is always my instagram which I try to keep up to date!

*In the best possible sense of course ; )

20 September 2015


Ah September...blackberries, random hot days, apple crumble, acorns and...
crane-flies, omg I hate crane-flies. But, so far so good this month. We have had some very dramatic weather, and whilst our business starts to wind down after the summer months, hopefully we'll get to spend a little more time together. We have spent a lot of time in London (which our littlun LOVES) rushing to get orders finished and dispatched. New jewellery designs spinning about in my head but evaporating before I get the chance to make them. Conversations with our tot that make me realise she is the deepest and most sensitive person I know (and she is only two!). Feeling like I didn't get enough of summer, and now I have to wait a whole year for it again! BUT, I am already thinking about xmas. 
...and there is this happening outside...

I really need to get my act together and pick up camera a bit more (I stole these pics from my mister's camera!)...also my shed has been taken over by one massive hairy spider that has made a home in my trimmings draw. I really need to evict it and get sewing again now that I have a bit more time.

I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of autumn?

24 August 2015

that was summer 2015 (part 2)

So this is round two of my summer catch-up posts! 
Now that me and my mister share looking after our daughter AND running the shop, we had very little time this summer together (this is a short term thing!). I don't take the camera with me all the time obviously but my mister is always better organised about these things, and he took some photos of trips with the tot to the local beaches, belly boarding and crabbing off the pier...

(prehistoric crabbing line and filthy dress well documented here)

Unfortunately although crabs were caught, they decided the bucket wasn't for them, and released their grip on the tasty prawns and fell back into the sea.

In other news, we went to London for a short work related trip, and decided to all go. (sugary naughties also well documented here).

Littlun here displaying her pigeon on one leg impression.

We parked in front of her favourite London playground...and then took a trip to west end, Nao bought a new tote bag, which we found quite handy at the time...

Before going home, we awoke early and drove to Kempton market. We were quite surprised at the bargains we found there.

The littlun found a toy phone, (although I should say that it's not an original one) but she liked it just the same, so thats fine by me ; )

After phoning Father Christmas to request a Buzz Lightyear, she dragged it through the market at much annoyance of the other people there I'm sure.

 My mister bought a funny French bike (which was quite pricey I thought!) but he loves it! He 'commutes' the 100 yards to our shop on it!

 Other things we bought...

a homemade wooden town, £20

Tiny bobble hat (free with jacket)

sewing bits and bobs (£2 each)

wooden beads (free with jacket)

toddler jumpers (£1 each)

1940s silk devore dress (£10)

bird prints (can't remember what we paid for these but they weren't cheap!) for our shop display

crab napkin (£1)

post office trunk (£10 or £15 I think?)

corduroy jacket (£10)

Back on the Island, I had a badly timed cold virus type thing which left me feeling like poo for about two weeks (in fact I am still coughing and sniffing as I type this). So I have been the world's most boring mum to our very tolerant toddler. I did manage a few short walks on various beaches though...

A little walk across the boggy terrain of Newtown...

BUT mega chuffed to have bumped into Dame Ellen MacArthur's dog! she is one of my heroes. (Ellen, not the dog I mean)

How ever the peace and tranquility of the place was some what disrupted but a grumpy sleepy screaming tot, so we had to make a quick and slightly embarrassing exit back along the bridge! (that's her British granny with us too btw)

(the perfect angel as soon as there were no people around, gah!!)

So anyways, that's it folks! Hope you all had lovely relaxing and sun drenched summers?? ; )