16 January 2017

ink + paper

So the winter blues have finally set in good and proper. The list of things I have to do, far out weights the list of things I want to do. Over the many years I have to deal with these feelings I have learnt that when I begin to feel this way, it's a good time to start getting absorbed into something new, and then I realise...of course I do have time to do the things I want to do, I just need to get motivated.
So with a set of new brushes for my xmas present I bought some paper and began painting some letters. I have been doing this before, for my A level Art (about 20 years ago 😱) at school and during my Art Foundation year at college. I've always been fascinated with lettering. I have, however, never been fascinated with rules and perfection, so you will see in my blog posts!

My mister and I rarely get a day off from both work and childcare, so I use my time very wisely (hence my frustration when I get ill on my day off, like today😂). I did as much as I could in a short space of time.

Even had a go at some Kanji, which is a bit tricky as you can imagine. I gave up after these.

I have been outdoors a bit too, it's been super cold but a bit dreary here most days, so we try to catch a nice sunset here and there when we can,

We found an old folding table in a junk shop and I cleared some space in our 'nowhere' room, more of a corridor really, (home to the buggy and bags and shoes and random items). The room has a little fire place which we hardly ever use, so I had a nice warm glow and a candle too...I felt proper Dickensian, and actually quite nice and cosy.

I've been practising with Japanese black ink and some standard blue writing ink, alphabets and circles etc...

(felt tip brush pen ↑)

and also some watercolour paints.

Some A2 sized pictures, I might put one up in the tot's room.

Anyways, so that's what I have been up to of late. I'm meant to be in London today, getting wedding ring orders made and working on my moon collection, but our daughter has brought us another cold bug home, lovely! So I will go later in the week and I will be a bit rushed I think!
I'm tanked up on Lemsip and it seems to be doing the trick.

Happy Winter folks! (January is almost over...almost!)

2 January 2017

hello 2017!

Happy New Year everyone! 
It's a funny old time, these first few days of the year, sort of limbo between two years, in a way, as we are still on our holiday. I will be reopening our online shop in a couple of days and then all is back to normal again.
This year I have a few things I want to do which mostly involve getting outside more, which since my boy was born, has been a bit less that it should. I need to do lots for work too, new collection up my sleeve, and window display for the shop etc etc...

I received these vintage millinery leaves in the post last month, and I had the idea to string them together. I think I saw something on Pinterest which gave me the idea. The leaves are beautifully made and probably date from around the 1940/50s. Some are from Germany and some are from Japan.
I couldn't decide where to put it up, hence many photos of it around the house!

My mister gave me some jewellery for xmas this year, the gold chevron necklace is from our latest collection. The earrings were a scribbled sketch on a scrap of paper that I showed Nao as an idea a while ago, and low and behold, he had made them for me! I love the colour of the pearls he chose. I will road test them, and if they look good on and wear okay, we may introduce them online too.

So best wishes for all the lovely readers of Junkaholique, You don't know how much I love to read your comments, so much kindness out there in the world!
I will always keep up my blog as much as I can, but I have started to add to my instagram stories too, maybe showing more of what I'm currently working on or going on local walks with the kids, that sort of thing!
I love catching up with what you are all up to too, the best way to spend drinking my tea.

Bye for now, Artemis x

sisters ↑😂