Since I tidied up our bedroom the other day, and put up my wall hanging, I thought I'd give you a bit of a bedroom tour. (of course the baskets of dirty socks and pants had to be shuffled around out of each shot ; )

a few new treasures...a 1970s Russian mandolin which I 'may' attempt to learn how to play or just look at it, haven't decided yet. And a most beautiful Japanese hoari which is one of a collection given to me by a friend who visited us this week from Japan.

 I use this kitchen cabinet as my clothes cupboard and I made some curtains to hide my messy clothes stuffed it it. I used some 1930s silk which I love so much but it's terrible for fraying so I nightmare to make clothes out of. At least this way I get to look at it first thing in the morning!.

Our bedroom is tiny, so there is not much we can do with it, and it is usually jammed up with huge baskets of washing. I wish I could spend more time in this room, but I'm usually firked out of it by a distant 'mum, daddy??' in the early hours. Needless to say, it is usually the most neglected room in the house.

this is our tiny laundry/ironing area...

and some cushions I made a while ago.

Our mantle piece does little except collect dust.

and random articles carried in from other rooms by our kiddo.

I love old covered clothes hangers.

In those old suitcases are some of our kiddo's clothes and shoes that I can't bear to get rid of! Maybe she will appreciate having them when she grows up. The quilt on the bed is really old, maybe 30s or 40s?? it is really faded, which is part of the reason I love it!

So there you have it...our bedroom! I wish I could dive into it right now actually.

tapestry weaving - wall hanging

So this is my latest creation! I'd say it is an experiment, just making it up as I go along and the end result is something a bit abstract ; )  I am quite happy about some of the colours and textures that occurred unexpectedly so I think this way of weaving is a really good lesson in understanding yarns and how they work together and using colour a bit like paint. All very good fun indeed.
Usually whenever I use wool, its to make something to wear, so it has to 'go' with other things and has to be washed ok. But using wool in a decorative way is totally different so you can just go for it!

Weaving in the evening! Actually this one took me about 7 hours, which I did in one day and finished at 2.30am (the photo below was taken by my mister just as he was going to bed).

There is a bit of a resurgence of woven wall hangings I have noticed, particularly the more native american style patterns from the US even being sold in Athropologie and the like. I think in general, people are starting to find handmade rough textures and wonky things more and more attractive in interior decor. I am all for this trend.
My inspiration comes from the 'bible' of fiber arts...Golden Hands magazines. Not sure if it is because I was born in the 70s (yes, shut up), but I blimmin love that decade. Macrame choker anyone? Hand embroidered hanky case? Crocheted wedding dress? Patchwork maxi skirt?...words fail me...I just LOVE it all.

Each magazine comes with a short guide on many different methods.

Smocking and macrame are next on my list. 

I expect a lot of our mums are shuddering with nostalgia right now, 'macrame pot holders?? NO, not again'!


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