4 May 2016

TROPICAE PARADISO : a Rust Jewellery photo shoot

Shell necklace (coming soon online) in 9ct gold

Shell necklace in 9ct gold

Shell ring (coming soon online) in sterling silver

We are so happy to have discovered a lovely Island lady who agreed to be our jewellery model the other day. It involved lots of boring standing about on a cold wet day, at our local botanic gardens here on the Isle of Wight. 
So pleased also that our five week old son did stay asleep the whole time in my mister's carrier!
We hope to do some more photo shoots in the future, hopefully when the weather gets a bit warmer ; )

With many thanks to our lovely new model, and to Ventnor Botanic Gardens.

15 April 2016

Summer in Yarmouth, Isle of Wight

Summer is coming, so it was time to change our RUST window display again. We wanted it to be nice and summery and colourful, and of course it is the time of year that people start planning their weddings so we included lots of flowers! Of course real flowers are best but they don't last long in a sunny window and are expensive to keep replacing. These artificial flowers are from the Hambledon shop.

We found these 1920s seed packet labels from France, I love the colours!

These wooden crates are from Kempton Market

Our consultation area ; ) ...

I just uploaded some new one-off diamond rings to our online shop, but four of them have already sold. See our 'Engagement rings' tab on our website to see what we have available, if you are on the look out for a diamond ring.

This is actually the 'High Street' in Yarmouth but it's more like a tiny side street! Anyways, there are a few lovely shops to peruse, and the walk along the street to the sea is full of beautiful old buildings, tiny alley ways that dip down to the sea and stunning gardens full of scented roses in summer.

This is the town hall, Yarmouth is actually one of the smallest towns in Britain, but it does have it's own 16th century castle too!

If you are visiting our RUST shop on a hot day, you can pop down here a few yards from the shop and dip your feet in the sea and watch the yachts in the Solent...

Next door to our shop is this very well stocked antiques shop called Number 20, specialising in all kinds of nautical related goodies. Just look at that ship in the window!

I love the collection of ships in bottles that the owner has recently found.

And then there is the harbour, the river, and a little sandy beach! A little bit of everything in a tiny area, a few yards from the ferry.

6 April 2016

and then there were four

Yay! A little boy! He came into the world last week. I'm absolutely thrilled with him... he has almost blonde hair and brown eyes, and he has long skinny arms and legs, practically the opposite of our daughter. His name is Scandanavian (like our daughter's name too) and is pronounced like 'layfe' in Sweden, or like 'life' in other countries. In England we'd pronouce it like 'leaf' so I think we'll go with that! I think it is an old fashioned name, like Roger or Arthur ; )
Anyways, we didn't want a Japanese or English first name, and we both like Scandanavian names for some reason! As with our daughter, I don't write her name on the internet for privacy reasons so I might refer to him as 'nipper' 'littlun' 'son' or 'tot 2' ha ha.... : )

Today I had the notion to take a portrait of him, and remembered I had this tiny vintage satchel...it is exactly the right size for him, as if he has got some important things to do.

It's early days, but already he seems to be a good feeder and sleeper and seems quite laid back. Of course that could all change over night so I won't get too hopeful.

I have been back to work today, and slowly finding my feet again, still a bit achy after an intense birth, and so very very tired (a few hours sleep in a the last week) but I must be running on maternal adrenalin or something!

Our daughter loves her little brother and keeps kissing him on the head. Our son finds the sound of our air cooled engine of our camper van very soothing, which is handy! can't wait for the summer to arrive so that we can all chill out on the beach and I can relax knowing that long and painful pregnancy is all over...ahhhhhhhh! ; )