a warm april

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Crikey what a lovely week of tropical weather we have been experiencing. By lucky haps, we managed to spend it mostly out in our garden (having a little break from 'work' work). It's been fantastic, getting the garden sorted, discovering my plants coming up through the soil, seeing all the buds open...lovely.

 Our nipper planted her first tomato plant that she chose at the garden centre.

 *note small paper butterfly carefully placed upon it.

Our nectarine tree has the most amazing colour blossoms on it.

new potting benches.

cat doing nothing, as per usual.

...she is very keen on watering that tomato.

Indoors is so sunny these days too.

Can't wait to go camping soon!

homemade wool slippers and a dress

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For those of you that follow me over on instagram, you will have seen these already. I made me some slippers! Obviously they are super easy to make but getting the shape right was a bit more tricky so these roughly made pair will act like my template for future pairs. I used thick pure wool felt (which is not cheap) but I have run out so am waiting on some more that I ordered. It's always really satisfying to make something for your own feet, why is that I wonder?

They feel really nice and toasty on, a bit like smooth woollen socks.

I have realised that pink is my new favourite colour, shhhh don't tell anyone.

I also made another of these really easy dresses. It's made of a very drapey viscose mix (i think) grey fabric with stars on. I found it for a £3 a metre so I bought tones of it! It feels light and summery. I added a bit of bobbly trim at the hem and thought I'd wear it with a belt instead of making a cord around the waist. It took me about 90 minutes to make, it is just two rectangles and some drawstrings.

Sort of like this length on me, as I am in fact, a munchkin.

I couldn't get a very good picture of the back for obvious reasons, but it falls quite low and ties on the shoulders. I hope to get some serious beach action this summer, in fact we have had three days of solid sun here on the Isle of Wight and I can hardly remember what winter was like now!

Ēostre 2015

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Happy Ēostre! 
This time of the year is my favourite. Full of hopes and dreams about summer, I love watching all the plants burst through the soil that I thought died last autumn. Butterflies swirling about as if drunk and the first time of the year to get my hands dirty in the garden. Oh yes, spring has sprung! We celebrated it with a chocolate cake made by our neighbour (I decorated it with flowers from our garden), some family around for lunch, and a trip to watch the annual duck race down the river (rubber ducks I mean!). Many a chocolate bunny and hot crossed bun has been consumed. I am now ready to eat sensibly and live a healthy outdoor summery life! (...the day after tomorrow maybe?).

Our local Mill House always has beautifully dressed windows...

peasant attire

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Well, some more sewing happened! I don't know why but I sometimes get an urge to absorb myself into something or another and there's not much is going to stop me. I have been in my shed chopping up fabric and slammin down the peddle of my sewing machine. I'm learning as I go and my approach is very much trial and error which is how I do everything to be honest! I'm sort of happy with the things I have made, some more than others. I have learnt mostly about different fabrics and that fabric is more important than the pattern in most cases. I didn't use a pattern for these...I think I must have descended from a line of paupers because I feel much happier in a smock with some flip flops than in a fitted dress, so simple peasant attire for me all the way! This works in my favour because these types of clothes are the simplest to make, I guess those peasants had to devise ways to not waist any fabric?
I made another of these drawstring dresses, this time out of a blue chambray fabric.    

This spotty one is made from a very lightweight cotton T shirt fabric I found really cheaply on ebay. It has a bit of a stretch to it, which isn't as easy to sew. I tried out a gathered sleeve idea which I have since found out is called 'bishops sleeve'! I got the idea from those amazing Georgian shirts I saw on the telly (see my Instagram for pic).

It's also gathered a bit on the neckline because I cut it too wide on the neck. I made it quite low on the back to make it a bit more summery. This dress is made from four rectangles sewn together with elastic at the waist...easy peasy.

 Last of all is a simple smock with vest top and patch pockets, very comfy.

So I made nine things this week, which is a bit of a record for me, I really was in a sewing zone and it probably won't happen for another year now, but at least I (and my nipper) have some new clothes for summer!


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