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8 June 2018

For the second time in my life we had to pack away the cot. Our little boy is 26 months old (daughter is 5.5 years old), and getting a bit too heavy to lower into his cot everyday. We decided we'd have to get bunk beds a while ago as our tiny house only has two tiny bedrooms.

Luckily they love sharing their room. I ordered this bunk bed from Made.com and it is lovely quality and really solid. However it was a big job to assemble and it is not that easy to clean the woodwork of finger smudges which it already picked up! But, I do really love the design and I'm glad I went for this one even though it was the most expensive one I saw.

I bought some new pure cotton bed linen and wooly blankets from Tweedmill.
I found the little vintage footstool on ebay. (lion and moon made by me!)

I also made some bunting using felt and muslin scraps.
The big lion is a 1970s toy we found in an antiques market a few years ago. The kids LOVE him so much and he always sleeps on the end of P's bed to keep guard. They sit on him and lay on him, poor old lion!

I repainted these little vintage chairs with some Farrow and Ball sample pots, table and picture ledges are from Ikea.

I love these funny old wooden animals I found on ebay too!

Handmade/vintage/modern soft toys. I find it hard to be ruthless getting rid of soft toys, it's like their little faces look up at you as your dumping them into the sack because they didn't get played with much : (

The bed took up much more space than I had imagined so the furniture had to fit around it somehow!
I sorted out lots of toys etc... for charity and stored their favourite toys under the bed.
I found that book sling on amazon so the kids can easily access their bedtime stories which I will rotate on a regular basis (the rest of their books are in the wardrobe!).

P's top bunk.

Mr. Leafy's bunk!...the lamps are also from ikea.
Those natural history illustrations were free in this edition of Flow Magazine

I love this print by Gretas Schwester

It was a massive job mainly because of all the sorting out of stuff, but also because I had to repaint the walls, skirting boards, fireplace and floor!
It is very white! but I like it as it is a small room and it just seems to glow. It reminds me of a little beach hut or cabin.

That mirror belonged to my late grandmother, she used to have it above her sink in her bathroom. I always imagine her looking in it, pinning up her bun.

That chest of drawers was from Ikea (i added the trees!) and the beautiful rabbit mask is by Frida's Tierchen (P's xmas present).

I thought it would be nice to keep it a surprise for the kids, P was trying to get a peek the whole day (it took two days work). She had to be taken out to the beach so I could finish it. 
My mister Nao did the hefty job of assembling the bunks.
When they came back, I waiting with camera poised to catch her as she walked in!

(snacks and blankey in hand 😂)

Well, she says it's the best bedroom EVER, which considering the size and that she has to share with her brother, is pretty good feedback I think?

They liked the little desk area too, P is always making cards for people, whilst Mr Leafy likes to push his cars around the table whilst making car noises.

I think I would like a bunk myself, it's such good fun! It's like you want to have a party there.
If you are in a similar position to us, then I'd say it's not so bad if you don't have a massive house with a room for each child. I guess we're lucky they both get on, but you can make little areas to call their own even in a small room.

The NSPCC advise that siblings of opposite sex shouldn't share a room past 10 years old, so we may have to expand the loft when we get to that stage!

p.s. you can see this room's previous arrangements here, here, here and here!

*please note, no products were sponsored or gifted by any company and I was not paid for this post. Just thought you'd like to know where everything came from : )

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  1. Hello and thank you! What a lovely space to celebrate your children and let their little brains play and grow and their bodies rest at the end of the day. I am expecting my second child and seeing someone bring up two babes sensibly (and beautifully!) is such a helpful touchstone. We have a small home and love it. I don't often find "resources" – even visual – for adding #2 that resonate with me or respect our simple choices. I just have to trust that our babes will be fine sharing a room, books, toys (Of course they will, silly consumer culture!) -- but *seeing* helps the believing bit. :-) Thank you thank you XXOO


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