15 June 2018

For the first time this year we hauled our tiny caravan out of storage. It is always exciting and I'm glad that we don't see it all the time because it makes it all the sweeter for seeing it again after the long winter. I love spring cleaning it, and sorting out all the equipment and supplies.
Nao waxed the exterior whilst I cleaned up the inside, we did this at the campsite whilst the kids played.

They look very grumpy in this pic!

Every year the littluns feel all the nostalgia from the previous summer...they love looking through all their toys and books that we keep in the caravan.

We towed it with our camper van, to a local campsite on the edge of a cliff. It is called Grange Farm and does get very busy in school holidays, but luckily we camped over the weekend and took P to school on the monday and tuesday morning, so we avoided the crowds and managed to get the superior cliff edge spot! (it is a landslip so it is not actually a sheer drop!)

A classic camping feast! 😂

There is access to the beach from the campsite which is near deserted!

Lovely tin mug from Rob Mason

I just love this view so much!

Sorting through our beach treasures.

Wearing out the kids (it didn't work).

P off to school in the morning in a grubby school dress.

Always happy with a tub of water!

...or a car.

 After dinner stone throwing competition.

Sister trying to injure brother with a cross spanner

and then peace!😀

(thanks to my mister  Nao, for most of these photos 😉)

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