29 September 2017

I get the odd message now and again, about how is it going with two children sharing a room.
The truth is that it has been a non-issue, a nothing, a very easy transition.
I moved our littlest into his sister's room from our bedroom, at about 8 months old.
He slept as usual, not disturbed in anyway. Little P was very welcoming of her brother and possibly glad of the company. It required a reshuffle of our small Victorian house, it was tricky to fit everything in without it feeling too claustraphobic.

(I took these photos after a lot of cleaning btw 😂) 

We probably will go for bunk beds eventually, but for now I'm quite happy to keep the cot for a little while longer.

They don't really spend a lot of time in their room, as we have lots of toys and space downstairs. However, as they get older I'm sure they will be skulking up to their room, grunting requests through the door. They may want to have their own separate space...which we sadly do not have.

I don't believe in making children adhere to very confining stereotypes based on their gender, and it never entered into my head to make a 'boys' side and a 'girls' side, and I'm glad to say, neither did they!

I reckon that anywhere that you sleep, work or learn should be very neutral and free of too much clutter (although I am guilty of clutter for sure). Whenever I have a major sort out of their room and declutter it a bit, they seem to love being in there...exploring new space and finding things they hadn't seen for a while.

They have a lot of toys, don't get me wrong, but they are all stored in tubs and baskets which slide under the easy to put away.

So if you are in the same situation, a future of living in a two bedroom house with two kids then all I can say is...for us it's fine at the moment!

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