midwinter festivities 2016

17 December 2016

It feels as if a bit of a tradition is forming on my blog every xmas! Most of these pictures will look very familiar to some peeps who follow my blog for a few years since, as my collection of xmas decorations is growing and looking the same year after year! In fact the only real difference from this year to last year and the year before, is the amount of children!

They have already grown to be best buds, P looks after Mr Leafy and is very patient with him. They have started to play together and it is very interesting to watch.

Our tree this year! Well it does look very similar to the last three years. We have all our animal collection on the tree this year. I went with quite white colours, with the felt starts I made last year, and the feathers and felt leaves from a few years ago. 

We usually buy one xmas decoration each year but due to illness we didn't all make it to London before xmas, but on a work trip I managed to pick up this little flying snowy owl from Anthropolgie, which suits our treat down to a tee I think.

We also have, a whale, a fox, a tiger and a lion ; )
I like to keep the rest of the decorations handmade, I especially like making things from wool.
The star on the top is made from a fish finger packet and some gold glitter 😂

Mr Leafy's tree ⇡

I haven't had much time this year for home things, as I've been catching up on work deadlines that became waylaid due to all our various illnesses, so it's been a hard winter so far. I did manage some decorating but with two tots tugging and whining at me, it was not easy! Anyhow, the mantle piece was quite good fun to do and only took an hour one morning. I used the little houses I made a few years ago, and some stick on blackboard paper, fake snow, fairy lights and a moon I printed out from an antique print.

(pics of this in the dark, later in this post)

Little P and I have been painting some recycled tissue paper to use for wrapping, she was the first to get her present all wrapped up...for her Dad : )

And I made a highly toxic wreath for our front door, with some dead bracken and some spindle berries.

I finally managed to sort our our corner of doom, thanks to some new cupboards to keep all our shoes in...

and baskets for each of use for all the random crap accessories that linger around this area...

and I tried my best to make this dark space a bit more cosy and festive.

(he just follows me about the house like this)

Lights, lights and more lights!

Happy Midwinter! xxx


  1. This is so good. All is calm and bright and sweet. Xo

  2. I love your style, it's just so beautiful! Totally adore the atmosphere :). You're such an inspiration, honestly! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy!

  3. Your Christmas home, your tree and snow covered mantlepiece decorations are exceptionally beautiful. Your style is magical and so inspiring.

  4. Lovely pics as always. Thanks for sharing snippets from your family life with us, always a joy to read. Have a lovely Yule and a very happy and healthy New Year!

  5. This beautiful post has me under a Christmas spell! So lovely. And the hat! Oh my...perfect! Happy Holidays, Artemis. Thanks for all of the inspiration I find here!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! I love all the lights and decorations in your house!

  7. Beautiful as it is every year Artemis. I love your Christmas/Midwinter post..always so cozy and creative. Love the twinkle lights, I bet the kids are loving them too. Happy holidays


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