yule 2015

11 December 2015

Even though it is still quite mild outside, not the crisp frosty air I was hoping for (I know, I can't believe i'm saying that either) we did manage to get into the xmas spirit of things, and went off to our local tree growers, here on the Isle of Wight. We were really happy with our tree last year in terms of shape and retaining needles. I looked it up and found that it was called a Serbian Spruce, it has weeping branches and pine cones attached, so we headed straight for those ones again.

After a bit of umming and ahhhing, we found the perfect tree, a little bigger than last time, but lovely none the less.

We had to have a major clear up of our house, and move our sofa to accommodate said tree. Then we got down to the decorations. The littlun helped, but I supervised ; ) 

It looks quite like last year's tree simply because I have been too knackered to think about xmassy stuff, but I did manage to make some simple felt stars and moons, but my sewing machine has gone all squew-whiff and broken so I quickly lost my temper! Anyhows, they are on the tree so thats that.

I also put the feathers from last year on the tree too, I found them on the beach and added a bit of glitter ; )

Our living room in a VERY rare tidy state.

The elephant I made a while ago, got a gold crown, as too did the tiger (I didn't make that one).
I made some easy gold star garlands with a star punch and some twine, I made one with moons on too.

In other news, we have recently had back these animal heads, that were made by artist Rob Mason, for our men's jewellery shop in Tokyo a few years ago. They are now rehomed in various places around our house, I love them!

So winter festivities have commenced and we are loving the glowy, pine scented living room much more. Watching the littlun playing with fake snow, whilst watching Dicken's Christmas Carol on dvd, all I wish was to get blurry eyed with a few glasses of mulled wine, but sadly will have to give that a miss this year.

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