tiny clay houses

10 December 2014

Ahhh Christmas, (or to me preferably called) Winter Solstice! I love this time of the year (sans weather & darkness). I certainly do have my making mojo on thats for sure and I am steadily making my way through everyone's presents and decorations too. Some projects I have set myself are a bit daunting, as they are all new to me so I am learning as I go (more about this later) but I feel like I'm buzzing with excitement all the time which is a really nice feeling...but also slightly overwhelming as there is just SO much to do! Anyways, I digress. A few weeks ago now, I made so little houses for some snowy scenes I have made (but not yet photoed) , I used some air drying clay and some old lace doilies and a rolling pin. Easy peasy.

I used the doilies to add a bit of texture to the walls of the houses.

I found it easier to use scissors to get a neat edge.

each one has chimneys, windows and front door.

I dried them in the radiator but it took AGES

I put LED highlights inside. I'll show you all the decorations I have been making later when I have had a chance to go around with the camera (and tidy up all the mess I have created).

I'll be back with more festive shenanigans vey soon!

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