one sunny weekend

9 March 2014

This weekend I had an unusual sensation on my cheeks...yes, it was the sun.
We were treated to a couple of glorious days, and we were without coats and jumpers and we even got our toes out in the air.
We went for a Shalfleet creek...

Where our kiddo tested out her new backpack/reins. It's nice not to have to bend down all the time and constantly grabbing her hand (which usually wriggles free).

It was lovely and we even saw a Kayaking dog.

At home, our little'un planted her first ever crop of peas. I can't wait for her delight when she opens her first ever pea pod (if the rabbits don't get there first).

She got a bit carried away with the chalk pen

I bought some nice plants for our garden, I found this Rose was appropriate...

and some more peas planted in a grow bag.

On Sunday, we loaded up our cart with some fodder and a bottle of wine and ventured down the lane from our house on the lookout for suitable picnic spot...

after some refreshments (and a bottle of wine ; ) we all drifted off into a rather pleasant snooze in the afternoon sun with the sound of geese and ducks in the background.

cuddling a banana (?!)

tiny dried up crab.

duck prints.

nice cuppa tea whilst the little one snoozed on for an hour or two, bliss!
followed by some early evening explorings in the marsh

and then back in the cart to go home (yes we did look like refugees!).

It's our birthdays next week, but we really couldn't of had a better weekend. We are all on standby for summer now!

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