Seaweed Collection

18 June 2024

Another bench update!
Lots of additions, including my new collection of rings called 'Seaweed', inspired by the rugged and serene Freshwater Bay near my home. And, another Little Moth to keep my other moth company.

Click here if you'd like to see more about the Moths.

Whilst the weather has been not so great here, I decided to make more new things.
My Seaweed ring collection is a rustic take on classic designs, with naive scrimshaw style seaweed swaying up the ring bands. A glittering rose cut diamond like a drop of seawater from a rock pool.

I named this ring 'Freshwater Bay Ring' Available in 9ct, 18ct gold or silver.

...and a Chevron ring, which is perfect for wearing with a stone set ring. This can be made in gold or silver too.

And a simple band which I've called 'Mermaid Ring' after the amazing huge chalk Mermaid Rock that stands proud over the bay.

Also, if you fancy listening to me talk about when I set up Only Through Shadows, you can catch my podcast episode with The Artisan Founder here

Thank you for reading, and have a lovely summer!

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