3 March 2014

I have been beavering away in my shed lately, using lots of new materials that I splashed out on when I resurected my shed from its mouldy dilapidated pile in the garden. I've had so much fun making small things like pouches, bags and yesterday I made some moccasins for my daughter.

I made these felt ones first, they are lined with cotton on the inside of the sole and have faux leather on the bottom. I didn't use a pattern but I had a pair of moccasins which I really liked so I just drew around them and came up with a rough pattern, it was quite easy. 
There are LOADS of patterns available to download from the internet though if you do a google search, I just couldn't be bothered to have a fight with the printer, and to be honest, I'm crap at using any pattern or form of instructions, I like to work it out for myself somehow ; ) ( I just mention this as some peeps asked me over on Instagram earlier).

The next pair I made for more outdoor use. They are made from faux leather (vinyl ?) and have thick felt innersoles. I should mention that, although they would look lovely in leather, I am a bit squeamish about cutting up leather, it makes me think of that film Silence of the Lambs! I used to do a lot of leather cutting for work, which I was ok with...not sure why, but now I try to avoid it and own very few leather things. (I don't eat meat either by the way). I might get my mister to make some suede ones!

I made these ones a bit too big, but maybe with some thick socks is ok?

I loved making these, they were a bit tricky and it takes some practice to get used to working with vinyl. I hope to make many more bags and moccasins and things soon, I have just ordered lots of new colourful felt, oh yes!

I have been using this one as my wallet for a month now, and it still ok.

ahhh, and relaaaaxx...

It is difficult to make things with a toddler around but usually I work in my shed when it's a 'Daddy Day'. However, taking photos this morning with a very 'helpful' toddler about, was not so easy.

I'm going to try and takes some photos of my shed now, if the kiddo stays asleep ; )

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