16 April 2012

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yes thats right! I'm having a baby.

Blimey it hasn't really sunk in yet, its bloody strange to think how our lives are going to change, and that without knowing it, we just had our last Christmas as just husbondo and wifu.
Forever more we will be buried under nappies and toys, snot and puke.

I'm sure it will be fun, but I have basically been sea sick for the last three months...nice {hence blog absence}. So I'll be happy to have something to show for it one day. Still, collecting vintage baby clothes has taken my mind off the nausea somewhat.

Anyways, I'm not really into big announcements about personal stuff, but I have been itching to tell all you ethereal friends out there. However it is all scary as much as it is exciting, so I'm still crossing my fingers that all will go well {its going great so far though, I say touching wood}.
I'll try my best to keep pregnancy posts to a minimum because:
a. its boring
b. its not born yet

p.s. we'll find out the sex of the babe 'au naturel' {i.e when its bits meet the air}
p.p.s. its due in the autumn.

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