DIY baby - part 3

10 June 2012


Are you getting bored of this yet? ...well, anyways, I made a couple of more things today in my
shed. A long sleeve tshirt with Liberty print pocket, and a kimono style jacket made from traditional Japanese print cotton wrapping cloth. The print is meant to be fish and fishing nets. Its lined with a green/blue cotton, have no idea what to call this colour...but its more green than in these pics - Prussian Blue maybe?

Anyhow, its quite heavy and outdoory, so I hope it will come of use {I spent the best part of my sunday making it so the babe IS going to wear it whatever}

I will try and post something not baby related next...but I have to say, I'm pretty much consumed with preparations even though we got ages to go yet!! I think if I don't keep busy, I'm gonna freak out at the concept that I am reproducing a human and that its got to come out some how...hmmm... think I'll concentrate on the sewing instead!

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