A bit of 'virtual' spring cleaning

2 January 2014

Happy New Year Peoples! Wow 2014 sounds so futuristic! (I say that every year).

To start the year off for my blog, I thought I'd share a bit of my thoughts on being a parent, writing a blog and such like...I hope you find it interesting (?)

I'll write it as a list of facts as I don't know how else to write it!

1,  For me being a parent is a complete blessing. It lasts a fraction of a milli second of our lives and then our kiddos are all grown up. It is hard sometimes, but I will NEVER complain about it. I know that one day soon I will feel so sad that I don't have to pick up her toys anymore, or wipe baked beans off her face or change her nappy.

2, I spend most of my days cleaning food off the floor, picking up toys and spending half an hour to put a nappy on. Her crying is like a having a metal skewer slowly pierce my brain through both of my ears. BUT. I am not complaining about it. I may not mention it in my blog very often, just because it goes without saying, she is a toddler after all!

3, I don't cook. I mean that, I don't really enjoy cooking or talking about food, and I find it a chore. If the ingredients are in the fridge and I am in the mood, I sometimes get on with it. My mister also does not find cooking a particularly pleasurable experience. The fact is, we are too lazy and we eat out a lot, or we buy things that require minimal oven contact.

4, I love to eat.

5, Me and my Mister (Nao) work together so we split the parenting duties equally. Although we are both there most of the time, we take it in turns to do the getting up in the night, baths, nappy changing and feeding. This works really well for us. We have so far not needed any childcare which is great. It also means that we can have every other day to either do our own projects, have a rest or go out for the day as a family. We are very lucky that it worked out like this. It so easily could have gone in the opposite direction and we would have had to use full time childcare.

6, My blog is like my diary so its a place where I write and record the things that I want to remember. I don't write blog post because it's what I think it's what others want to read. It's also not a place that I write sad or traumatic things that have happened in my life, I am not a secretive person, but somethings I don't want to remember or reflect on or share with the rest of the world, because they are in the past. Everyone has a story which we will probably never know.

7, The house is a mess 90% of the time, but it is not at this point that I relish whipping out the camera and posting it on my blog, you'll just have to take my word for it, that when I take photos of our house, its usually because I'm excited to have just cleaned it up. I wouldn't expect anyone to post photos of their dirty washing or dishes in the sink (I think there is a saying about that isn't there?). My blog is real because it IS my life and not someone else's.

8, Someone once said, after reading my posts about camping, that we have a luxury lifestyle. If three days in Dorset in a campsite is Luxury then I think it's something anyone can aim for and achieve!

9, I am very happy, but before I was about 30, I was very sad most of the time. Making things and being creative can only really happen if you are feeling happy and contented, otherwise it is very hard to get motivated...thats my opinion.

10, I love writing my blog and I will usually do it when our daughter is having a nap or with her Dad having a bath or something like that. I think that if you REALLY want to do something, you will make the time, somehow!

11, My daughters tantrums are brilliant and hilarious and all I can do is smile and laugh, we call her Pehrdinio because she is like an Italian Football player ( I hope I haven't offended any Italians, sorry!). However, I do lose my temper quite often, usually when she cries in the night and I am tired. It's not her fault, it is my fault.

12, I rarely read other blogs these days, but I always like reading More Tea Vicar and Seeds and Stitches, thems are my favourites ; )

13, Both me and Nao really struggle through the winter months. We are moody and have more arguments. I have just ordered a SAD lamp...hope that it helps a bit...otherwise we may have to move somewhere sunnier!

14, Apparently, the Isle of Wight is the sunniest place in Britain, we'll see.

So, I hope that cleared up a few little misconceptions about me!

I feel so honoured to have some lovely readers who I feel like I know! It's like having a huge family around the world. I have also noticed that many of them seem to have grown up kids and I find that very comforting and I get great advice if ever I need it. Writing a blog is quite a unique experience, its an odd thing to do when you think about it,....therefore I don't really think about it, I just do it!

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