Xmas 2023

26 December 2023

Happy Xmas everyone! We've had a lovely time here, I'm a bit frazzled but in good spirits!
Here are some photos from yesterday, I always post some pics of it here every year for me to look back on.

I am already looking forward to the new year, lots of new things to make for the shop, and some jobs to do in the home that I'm also very excited about. Just need to recharge my batteries first.

I followed these instructions by Twigg Studios for the tree biscuits.

Best wishes to all for 2024! Artemis x


  1. Anonymous26.12.23

    You always create such magical settings and lovely atmosphere. I still have screenshots from things you made years ago as inspiration. Can't believe how time is flying by - I remember finding your blog before P was born and enjoying your boot sale tales and all while in my own early motherhood haze. Wishing you and your loved ones very happy holidays and New Year to be filled with everything you wish for! Greetings from California- Steph I 😊

  2. Anonymous2.1.24

    Wishing you and your family a happy New Year, I always enjoy your blog and your artistry.


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