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2 March 2024

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I did mean to post a new year post, but it hasn't happened, so here I am three months in. 

I had meant to post about some decorating I have been doing in my flat, but I failed to take pictures along the way. I will take some when the light is better, but basically I have added some panelling and made a mantle with pegs onto my (completely blank and filled in) chimney breast that I hadn't really known what to do with. There is no recess even, so, as mentioned before, I have an electric stove that has flame effect and a convection heater within. Aaaanyways, I really just wanted somewhere to hang xmas stockings and put candles on, y'know? I will take a proper pic of it as soon as the mythical sun comes out.

I have been collecting some bits and pieces, like old books and dead weeds in clay pots, and my beautiful 'Sail Away' by Rowan Macgregor, a gift from my mum at xmas, which I will take better photos of soon, it was so dark they came out all fuzzy. And prints and cards by the lovely Gemma Koomen.
(I can't remember the artist of the horse print, below, but I'll add it in here when I find it) EDIT: poster by Eniko Eged.

Hard to see here, but I found this really tiny rusty oil lamp and got it working, and a miniature picture frame carved out of bog oak in the shape of a shamrock, I think this is victorian.

I made this wreath a few years ago from vintage silk millinery leaves that I found in a market a long time ago.

A next project is to be rid of the artex ceiling, which I'm planning to do myself to save money. (no asbestos don't worry!)

(My dog's chair)

I'll put some other new things in the post too...some new jewellery...

An amazing teal sapphire, which I've made into an 18ct gold ring, and new olive green tourmaline ring, and a little pearl ring too!

I was rummaging through my vintage clothes box and found this cotton dress for the photos. White works the best for jewellery I think. I think this dress maybe for an older child? and possibly Edwardian. It came out pretty good after an iron.

Here I'm wearing the new tiny gold tag necklace and Rutilated Quartz and rope chain necklace...

Rose earrings in gold with the most sparkliest ever tiny white topaz dangling down. They are small enough to wear wherever without being too showy if you know what I mean.

There are some other new things over on the website, click here to take a look. And, whilst I'm on that subject, I have a bit of a new look to the logo too...I think initials will work better on the jewellery box gold foils as it is bolder.

Some exciting news too! I am delighted to have been included on this beautiful brand new website called The Artisan Founder. It is a collection of amazing crafts people around the country, telling their stories of how they began, and with an up and coming market place to buy. I'm so thrilled to be found here, the stories behind the small businesses are very inspiring. 

You can find my story in the journal too, where I talk about how Only Through Shadows came to be, what it is like working solo and how I'm hoping the future will pan out, click here to go have a read...

Hopefully I won't leave it so long before I post again.
Thanks for reading! Artemis


  1. Anonymous2.3.24

    Look at your dog in that chair!! Lovely jewellery and decorating. So talented.

  2. Anonymous2.3.24

    I always look forward to your blogs, every picture tells a story, I love that you do your own renovations and don't outsource it, your jewellery is exquisite. Otter has really settled in to family life.

  3. Gorgeous photos....and jewellery. You can never post enough x

  4. ...and that article was so interesting 👌

  5. Anonymous6.3.24

    I also look forward to your blogs! They are always a treat. Your new jewelry is gorgeous as always! Thank you for posting, and congrats on being included in the new site.

  6. Anonymous8.3.24

    It is always such a joy to see your beautiful work an photos!

  7. Anonymous16.3.24

    I love it, the poster is by the artist Eniko Eged ☺️


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