Happy Yule!

22 December 2023

Have a lovely Winter Solstice everyone! We have made a Yule log cake this year, Pehr did an amazing job decorating...making a house with chocolate Matchsticks with After Eight roof! Edible berries, and real xmas trees. The best bit is doing the snow. Very much looking forward to our two extra minutes of sun per day from now on xxx


  1. Anonymous22.12.23

    I am always delighted when I see you have a new journal entry. The cake looks spectacularly yummy! Your home is beautiful, and your family must enjoy such an enriching atmosphere. I’m so pleased for you that everything is going well. Good wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Jean in Winnipeg

  2. Anonymous23.12.23

    That is the cutest darn cake I've ever seen!! I absolutely love it! Excellent job, Pehr. Can I ask how she got the top of the cake wavy like that? I want to do this!
    I love your posts and always look forward to any new ones.
    Merry Christmas to your beautiful family. I hope it's a most happy one!!


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