RU.ST winter 2018

27 November 2018

It's funny when I look back to when I was at high school and I had to decide what I'd most like to do with my life (My original plan was to move to Italy and then on to Sicily where I'd found a Volcanic island that I wanted to live on and go diving everyday) well, that plan began and ended in Rome...I changed my mind, because of a very inspiring British friend I met there. 
I always thought my passions were drawing, photography and making. I loved going to London when I was little and seeing all the amazing shop windows, I went there a lot as a small child (or maybe it just seemed like I did?).
I love my job because I get to do ALL the things I wanted to do (and other things I didn't know I wanted to do, like website design and social media that didn't exist back then). I sort of created my own job and it's just as well, because when I left college I really couldn't find the thing I wanted to do and felt sort of lost and bored of my then office job in a corporate world which I quit and was in a lot of dept. Working for another company wasn't for me...thankfully I found a likeminded person and we joined forces.

Anyways, now I get to have fun and call it work.

So it is Christmas soon and the shop in Yarmouth is looking sort of wintery with these swans I made.
It's just a bit of fun really, but it sort of satisfies my childhood dreams.

A tremendous thank you! to all of our customers who've made the trip down to our Isle of Wight shop  to order their wedding rings. You crossed actual sea to visit us and that means so much.
Happy Christmas! RU.ST x

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