paper and copper leaves

23 October 2018

It just struck me how easy it would be to make some leaves out of paper (I do have more important things on my mind, but y'know...its sort of escapism), so I ordered some materials (via Amazon) and spent a free afternoon getting busy with a pair of scissors.
I think these would look great for xmas decorations or table centre piece (which is what I intended to use them for) and also nice for Autumn too. Why not have a go too!...

I got hold of this fine white wire that I think is from a cake decorating supplier, also get some extra fast drying glue, I used Bostik All purpose glue. I folded some standard computer printer paper in half and cut out some rough leaf shaped. Poke the wire down into the glue nozzle and then stick it on the fold line and let it dry. I made big leaves and little leaves for variation.

Once they were all dry, I simply twisted them together to make a garland, but it could also form a wreath too.

I didn't stop there! I thought about making a metal version too, so I found some pure copper sheet (about 0.1mm thick) which you can cut with strong scissors, and also some 0.6mm copper wire. Both found on amazon but you could find it at a model shop if you have one local.

I basically did exactly the same at the paper ones except I scored the leaves with closed scissors to make veins. *Be careful as the leaves are super sharp once cut out.

So I have some early xmas decorations! Actually I might use these for our shop display as xmas starts straight after halloween, I kid you not.

If you'd like to see and read more about making cheap but effective decorations, there is a nice little article about me in Mindful Christmas magazine at the moment. You can also catch up on past xmasses on the tabs at the top of this website too!


  1. Anonymous12.10.22

    Hi there! I’m completely new to working with copper. I have the sheeting you used. HOW did you score these leaves please? I’m working on a few thanksgiving and Christmas gifts. TIA!

  2. Anonymous18.8.23

    How did you attach the copper wire to the copper leaves? Was it the same glue or different? What gauge wire did you use for the stem please?


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