making xmas stockings

29 November 2015

Mince pie season has commenced! ...and also, it's that time of the year when my brain turns into that of a five year old, I get so excited about xmas! This year I have mainly been making things for our shop, so I probably won't be making xmas pressies for everyone like last year.
Nether the less, I have really enjoyed making stamps and printing fabric and making candles AND cards for the shop too! I thought it would be nice to make a batch of stockings out of the same linen that I used to make the pouches.

I made some slightly different designs, and our tot chose this one for her, trees with white and gold snow ( I used fabric ink and fabric paint).

We decided it would be nice for the forthcoming baby to have a stocking too, as our tot already treats it like one of the family already. I put a temporary label on this one so I can stamp on a name next year! I'm hoping Santa will fill it with useful things like a natural baby sponge, wooden teether, bibs, hairbrush, pyjamas, bottle etc...(I may have already organised this ; )

I lined them with some spotty cotton that I have had for a while.

At our RUST shop, we have some new shelves that I painted and my mister put up, to house the cards I have been making...

These ones have vintage pictures on them with gold glitter.

...and some stockings for the shop too. Not sure if any will sell, but they look nice and xmassy in the shop!

I will be focusing my attention on our very neglected house soon, as I have got lots of decorating ideas for this year!


  1. I love the stockings you made...they are beautiful! How you ever think of all the wonderful items you make, I will never know! Obviously you see the beauty in the natural world and you portray that love throughout everything you make with such a humble and beautiful spirit. Pehr and baby are very lucky to have you!

  2. I enjoy everything you do. Thanks for being so inspirational.

  3. If I were anywhere near Yarmouth I would snap up those darling stockings lickety split!

  4. I am inspired by everything you do, and I really love your Christmas card designs, they capture the spirit of it for me, I wish I did not live so far in Los Angeles. By the way, I also really like your new website design with the topic categories lined up on top, very nifty!


  5. Ahhh absolutely beautiful! I love how you always create Christmas without the Christmas themes (well basically no santa!). I finally get to have a Christmas at our house this year and am going to get our first Christmas tree for the house (normally we celebrate at my mum's on Christmas eve and then fly down to the in-laws on Christmas day so there hasn't seemed like much point) and I'm beside myself with excitement! Of course here it's the middle of summer which is always a bit weird but I guess that means we're just going to decorate the tree with shells instead ;).

  6. Your shop is so beautiful and the stocking for your new baba is sooo cute! I'm sure all the stockings will sell and I'm loving Nao's new leather collection. Best of luck with all of it and I will take a look at Nao's leather work now...I have a brother in law in mind..... Best of luck with your first christmas in the new shop. Hope you guys are out the door busy! :)

  7. I feel inspired to have a go myself now! Where did you buy the beautiful linen from?

  8. Such an inspiration Artemis. I wish I had your energy. I am glad Pehr is enjoying them too. xxx


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