4 November 2015

fabric printing

Now that a few days of the week I sit in a shop all day, I have to keep myself occupied. When I'm not with a customer, I usually do some dispatching. But when that's all done, I sit there twirling my thumbs or staring at my laptop. Lately I started doing a little bit of stamp carving in the shop, which I found very difficult! I started trying to carve a squirrel (which is pretty relevant to the Isle of Wight!). I used a rubber stamp carving kit which my mister bought me for xmas a year or two ago. I then started carving some lino. Lino was easier to carve but not easy to print with, I had to cut out my tree design and glue it to a bit of wood to make a stamp. One day a little girl came into the shop with her mum, and came behind the counter to see what I was doing. When I said I was making a stamp, to print some fabric and them sew them into bags, she said 'wow, that's amazing, I want to do that!'. I think I always wanted to do it too.

I used a fabric ink pad which you can buy in most crafty places. Just iron it and then you can bung it in the wash. I used it before to make labels and it washes fine.
I used 100% linen and the ink took to it quite well.

This was the first sample I made, but I ended up using a different stamp.

The first tree stamp came out a bit weird, so I prefer the one below...

It really hurt my hands after a few metres of fabric!

I will call this pattern 'Mill Copse' as it is our local woods, that has sequoia and pine trees and red squirrels in.

So I made eight pouches, seven of which are destined for our Yarmouth shop. I want to keep these for shop stock only as we want some new items in the shop for xmas time. In the future I may ask an outworker to make larger batches for selling online...one day ; )

The printing is a bit irregular and the linen is a bit crumply, but I quite like the feeling it gives, y'know, hand made on the kitchen table and shed and all ; )

I'm going to make some smaller pouches later, when I next get a full day off. After xmas, I will focus my attention on sewing for the forthcoming baby, I got so many ideas in my noodle, I think it will explode!


  1. These are gorgeous!! I do a lot of stamp carving I'd recommend the materials for sale from here http://www.handprinted.net/printmaking/stamp-making/carving-blocks
    the pink speedy carve is my favourite, it carves like butter and prints very easily. If you use a baren to press on the back of the stamp with http://www.handprinted.net/printmaking/relief-printmaking/tools/speedball-baren then you'll get a cleaner print too. Happy printmaking! I'm @fabritziadesign over on instagram if you fancied a look at my stuff, love your blog! Anna

  2. They look awesome!! I love the linen too. My lino cutting bits haven't arrived yet, but I can't wait to have a go (hopefully I'll be better than I was at school when I basically gouged chunks out of my hands with the tool!) xxx

  3. Love your prints and bags!
    You're so clever! X

  4. Maybe you should think of doing some craft workshops in your new shop....?!

  5. I love this pattern, it's adorable! I have a friend who lives on the Island, I might have to see if she can pop down to your shop and pick me up a pouch!

  6. It's how Laura Ashley started out of course. I like the zip pull detail.

  7. So lovely!
    You remind me of my sister (and that is the best compliment I could give you :-))!

  8. Your prints and pouches are beautiful. You are making me want to pull out my stamp making supplies again.

  9. I agree with Mrs Bertimus.

  10. That looks stunning! I had a go at printing on some fabric last year I did intend to do more but then stuff got in the way. I used a potato, obviously I had to throw it way after, also some free hand. I love your designs you have inspired me to have another go. x

  11. So inspiring! I want to make curtains for my nursery like this!! Thanks for sharing.



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