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21 March 2015

I was lucky enough to get a day in my shed yesterday which was utter bliss. Feels like its been a hectic last couple of months so it's so nice to just have the dulcet tones of radio 4. Am I 65? mentally I am in retirement I think.
Anyways, I really like these 1950s/60s child's smock type bib things that I keep finding everywhere. They are great for our littlun as they go over her clothes or over a vest in the summer and don't require pulling over a wild badger toddler's head. So I copied roughly the pattern of one I had already. It came out really similar in shape so I might make some more. I think it would look great in denim!

The nipper came into my shed and picked out fabric and binding that she liked. Seems she's not a great fan of florals as I got a resounding 'No' when I suggested some Liberty print fabric that I love : (
The raindrop fabric was her favourite.
This dress is made from a lightweight brushed cotton cloud fabric that I found on Ebay (like usual).

So this is the fabric she wanted me to use the most but I only had a little bit of the grey raindrop one so I made a REALLY simple top...

And I made a little waistcoat from this mushroom fabric from Dashwood studio
which is the same as I used last year for these.

I used this amazingly soft brushed cotton that is actually curtain lining...the best discovery EVER. It cost like £3 a metre and it's about 2 meters wide. It's great for batting, lining, blankets, toys, clothes...anything ; )

I tried this morning to get some modelling photos, but it was not easy : /
Please excuse bird's nest hair and socks everywhere.
I LOVE this age, 2.5 years old. She has learnt irony, cunning, sensitivity and appreciation (plus manipulation and deception). 
I said "I made you some new dresses, do you like them?"
She quickly replies "No". 
"Oh that's a shame" I say, a bit miffed.
"I got a dress already" she adds.
me: "yes, but now you have some new ones"
she: "Thank you Mum!"
I'll take that as enough. Randomly I will get a kiss at some point I expect.

her only complaint was that the pockets were too small on this one.

I love making kids clothes, I always start the day thinking I will make something for myself (I have a ton of ideas in my head) but I usually end up making something for the tot instead. The good thing is that you only need half a metre of fabric. Might do some more sewing today as I was owed a toddler free day by the mister ; ) So many more important things I should be doing...yawn.


  1. She has good taste! I too love the raindrops! X

  2. Absolutely beautiful - the baby, the clothes, the decor.........your style is so wonderful !

  3. I love watching how similar the girls are -- even just the photos are hilariously familiar to me, as we have much the same here. She says, "Go outside!" Andy: "Oh, you want to go outside?" Amelia, howling: "Noooooooooo!!!" Sigh. :) The smocks are darling!

  4. So cute, all of them! My mum used to make all our clothes until we finally refused to wear them anymore. I'm so thankful she hung onto them though because now I get to dress my own daughter in them! x
    P.S 'Wild badger' made me laugh so much.

  5. Love all the fabrics you use to make your little one clothes, I too feel there something special about making children's clothes It's one thing I miss from when my children were little. I work in a kindy with 3 year olds they have a wonderful dress sense, makes me laugh when they use the dress up box. Move over Channel !!!

  6. Yeah, big pockets are important when you are only 2.5

  7. Cute as a button!

  8. Totally adorable !

  9. Lovely makes Artemis. I have some cine footage of me at a similar age wearing something like the raincloud pinny.

  10. So nice to see press studs being used on the waistcoat. Lovely work Mum.

  11. Adorable! All of it! Also, I love what you've recently made for yourself. Just read today's post as well. I especially like the white shirt with the pocket. Love the sleeves!

  12. She is so cute! Enjoy every minute, it's such a funny age.

  13. Anonymous24.3.15

    Those outfits are too cute! Also the stuff you made for yourself. I love how you often seem to just have a go at sewing things from another garment rather than worrying about pattern perfection. Not that anything you make ever looks shabby! Its all beautiful! Feeling inspired to get on and create… Thank you for sharing x

  14. i need to sew myself some t-shirts as well. I can't seem to find a fabric I like though. I want simple organic cotton or something that feels like it, but organic cotton is so expensive...


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