Ēostre 2015

5 April 2015

Happy Ēostre! 
This time of the year is my favourite. Full of hopes and dreams about summer, I love watching all the plants burst through the soil that I thought died last autumn. Butterflies swirling about as if drunk and the first time of the year to get my hands dirty in the garden. Oh yes, spring has sprung! We celebrated it with a chocolate cake made by our neighbour (I decorated it with flowers from our garden), some family around for lunch, and a trip to watch the annual duck race down the river (rubber ducks I mean!). Many a chocolate bunny and hot crossed bun has been consumed. I am now ready to eat sensibly and live a healthy outdoor summery life! (...the day after tomorrow maybe?).

Our local Mill House always has beautifully dressed windows...


  1. Looks so beautiful. I can just imagine your excitement about summer after such long, dreary English winters. We're the opposite here, Easter basically marks the beginning of Autumn and as if by magic the days suddenly get shorter and the nights colder. We're spending every moment we can in the sunshine!
    Looking forward to reading all about your summer adventures :).

  2. Your flower photos are so beautiful!

    Happy Spring to all!

  3. Anonymous6.4.15

    I too love this time of year but for the opposite reason. Here in Australia we are going into Autumn and after a long hot summer I am looking forward to cooler days, hearty meals and knitting infront of the television. My garden is falling to sleep for winter and I have a chance to slow down and breathe. Enjoy your Spring.

  4. Lovely pics Artemis, the cake looks very moreish and pretty decorated with flowers....I am going to pinch that idea! Isn't it great to be able to get into the garden after the long grotty winter?

  5. Sounds like the perfect spring break, and the weather has certainly behaved itself! Beautiful pictures as always. Your simply flower arrangements have inspired me.


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