making summer clothes for the nipper

11 April 2014

I have squeezed in some perfect days (and nights!) sewing away in my shed lately. I have made 5 toddler outfits, but here are three of them.

By the way, I didn't use any pattern to make them but I did use some existing vintage clothes as inspiration and to get a rough idea of shapes to cut out. Basically they are clothes that look great on the little'un so I wanted to recreate them...thats what I usually do to be honest, as sewing patterns make my eyeballs implode.

I found a lovely little 1920s romper suit which is simply two bits of fabric sewn together with a side neck tie. I love it but its worn a big hole on the bum, so I made a new one...

with ickle poppers...

a few modelling shots...

and these were the original clothes I used for inspiration...

1920s romper

1940s short dungarees

1980s smock dress

In other news, some flowers have finally popped out...

I have also been working on my vintage shop, I have about 29 items of clothing to list. It should be ready to go live in a couple of days. Very exciting! Some of the dresses I have had in storage for over a year...I have been so busy that it kept getting put off but now it's finally done.

you turn your back for a few seconds and your seat gets nicked.
(there is a toddler fast a kippo under that blanket)

I made some labels! they are vintage wallpaper with stamped cotton sewn on top.
I am mad about labels as you may have noticed.

So my next post I'll let you know that my online shop has re-opened : )
And then after that I'll be working on our Rust online shop, with lots of new items, phew!

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