sewing september blue

27 August 2014

Don't know if you remember, but in the spring I made some clothes for the littlun, some of which I made out of some lovely fabric that I bought in a haberdashery in Hampstead (I just found it by accident, I'm not that posh to go shopping in Hampstead generally speaking). Anyways, the makers of that fabric found my blog and the little clothes I'd made and they offered to send me some samples of their new collection 'September Blue' to make something out of. On their blog they have lots of bloggers photos of things they have made with their fabric, which I think is a very nice idea to promote their British textile company. They are called Dashwood Studio. They let me choose some patterns I liked. Well, it has been a while and I just never seem to get enough time to be in my shed lately, but yesterday I managed an afternoon by myself. I must say, however, I didn't have my sewing mojo for some reason, and so I made many mistakes and got all frustrated, even Radio 4 couldn't calm me down. Maybe it was the low atmospheric pressure?

anyways, I just about made something wearable. As usual I didn't use a pattern so I just cut the fabric free hand...the problem I had was with the collar. I love this fabric on her, blue seems to be her colour me thinks.

I also made a vest, I didn't have that much of this fabric, but I love it so I might buy some more and make another little shirt like the one above.

 ...and lastly, I made a little dress but it all went wrong, so I may recycle this to use for a quilt. I'm just showing you anyways, that for every two or so sewing success, there will be at least one failure, where I feel like I wasted three precious hours for nothing, and swear I'll never touch that sewing machine again!

I still quite like the idea and the shape seems to suit her, so I will make a better pattern for a new one. I like that it is quite lose on the top which could look good with long sleeve top and tights under for winter. 
When you are can look good in ANYTHING lets face it. So thanks to my little model for making me feel a bit better about it!
I will be making some more things out of my stash of fabric as soon as I get a toddler free day.

These are the previous clothes I made from Dashwood Studio fabric in the spring. I think these are from the 'Wildwood' collection.

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