our very own garden

20 May 2014

Well, now we own our own actual piece of land, it's very exciting to start planting stuff and and be able to watch it grow! Our garden already had a few shrubs but not much interesting things, just some hydrangea bushes and a few roses (oh and a huge peony I discovered underneath a massive bush!). But, we have discovered a big plum tree along with two apple trees at the bottom of the garden (I didn't realise one was a plum tree until our neighbour mentioned the abundance of juicy plums that the previous owner wouldn't pick and didn't let them pick them either). There are some smaller trees that look recently planted and to that patch we planted a peach tree, which already has little fuzzy baby peaches on!
I have been working on the lawn, sewing grass seeds and mowing to get it nice and even. And I have planted fox gloves and lupins and aquilegia which are all my faves (and are rabbit proof) and a wisteria at the front.

this little raised bed I made is doing well and in the middle is a mimosa which I hope will grow to a good height.

the nemesia smell like vanilla ice cream and those smaller white flower ( I forgot the name) smell like honey.

I'm trying to keep a nice patch of daisies on our lawn, it seems a shame to mow over them.

and this iris popped out of nowhere in the side alley...

The garden is very long and sunny. I sit in it with my cup of tea watching our littleun, and I simply can't believe we have actually achieved this, I could almost cry!

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