knitting and a new dress (for both of us)

1 April 2014

A few things occurred lately. They are not of great significance but then, thats quite how I like things to be to be honest! Firstly, I knitted a snood/scarf/neckwarmer type thing. I'm quite chuffed with it as it really is warm and very very soft. It's 90% alpaca and 10% cotton (I think). I was so chuffed that I made my own label (with the dreams that one day I will start a knitwear company - don't laugh). I used a fabric ink pad and rubber stamps.

Another pleasant thing happened when I purchased this lovely dress from the very talented Isabel Knowles. I have been lusting after her dresses for a long time, so I'm so pleased to finally own one.

It's so beautifully made.

and this is the same dress inside out, as I wanted to show you the amazing lining.

...and this little cub has a dress which I found the other day in a vintage shop. It is actually from Boots, circa 1980 (made in Britain). In fact I have been collecting quite a little collection of 70s/80s clothes for the littley as they are such amazing colours and cuts from that era for kids. So much more imaginative that what shops stock today. I mean black floral fabric for a 12-18 month old? Bring back 70s fashion I say!

p.s. is it just me, but I have been falling for April Fools jokes all day. I feel like such a plonker...I'm not going to look at Facebook for the rest of the day.

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