the lighting

20 November 2013

We always had open fires when I was a kiddo. I always went to school smelling of smokey bacon flavoured crisps as a result. Still, the aura of crackling wood fires and that drowsy glow is something I always wanted (and always wanted for my little'un too). We were so happy that our new house comes with proper fireplaces that can actually burn stuff!

We went out to buy some logs and a fireguard and other bits and bobs for the evening of 'the lighting' of the fire. We 'happened' by our new favourite vintage yard, and I discovered, hiding in a cabinet, my new additions to the family. One of which you can see all tucked up in the back of our car...

Back at the house, the chimney sweep had arrived, and I was very curious as I have never seen a real life chiminey sweep before. Apart from wearing black, he was not exactly as I had imagined (scruffy top hat, holding chimney brush with soot on cheeks).

Nor did he have any poor street urchin to climb up the chimney. In fact I was very impressed with this high tech devices. 


Now we can finally light our fire for the very first time! We bought Port and cheese and a Panetone to celebrate.

I'm so proud of our kiddo's reaction to the fire, she was suitably fascinated with an equal dose of wariness. Of course I will never leave a fire, a baby or a fire + baby out of my sight, but its good to know her instinctive reaction is that of caution. Its also good to know that she likes a bit of Stilton.

I just feel like this is all a dream, that we own our own home, and we own a fireplace! I never thought in a million years that we would achieve this.
( I think I have had too much Port)

...and, our new family members?  two Italian cockatoos!

I love them,

no, I LOVE them.

right, I now know that I have gone totally bonkers.

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