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15 November 2013

We have been to-ing and fro-ing to London quite a bit since moving to Isle of Wight, usually just for dispatching ring orders and checking items to be sent to Japan. The rest of the day we try to do some Londony things so that our little'un doesn't get too bored. It's great to be a tourist in London and visit all those kiddy places.

We popped into the Science Museum. I think it is better for older kids as it was very educational. Our nipper hates being in a buggy and screamed so much we had to leave!

but we did see a few interesting things, I loved this bicycle display, 

and we spotted Moulton bikes (Nao has the same one as this and I have the little version)

The shop was pretty good.

and we also spotted a Fiat 500! (EDIT: I think thats actually a Fiat 600!)

I might get my driving licence if we add one of these bubble cars to our collection! (don't think I could do much damage in this ; )

After that we had a look in Liberty's to see the lights.

we purchased a moose bauble and a sparkly gold Pear.

and then dinner, ...blanket for starters anyone?

as we walked outside, we heard a massive bang, and then saw an amazing firework display, which must have been on Oxford Street.

Our Little'un loved the lights on Regent Street.

We have been going around London in our Fiat which always sends her straight to sleep. Thats Aircooled engine for you!

At the workshop we have been filling up lots of little boxes with sparklers and getting them ready for the courier.

whilst kiddo is meant to be taking a nap!

We have also been to London Zoo...

Not many animals want to come out to play on such a cold November day in Ol'Blighty! We eventually spotted a penguin.

the Squirrel Monkeys were great fun...

amazing porcupines...

It was really hard to control her as she just runs off in different directions, but she LOVED it.

 I loved the posing camel, he/she obviously loves a bit of attention.

It's so easy to get to London from where we live, although a little pricey even with discount, but as the house prices on the Island are 1/3 (yes, thats ONE THIRD) of the prices in London, then it still works out cheaper to live in the countryside and travel to London. So far Pehr sleeps the entire journey on the train. Win win!

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