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14 December 2012

Do you remember a while ago when our camera got thieved from our car?
Well, it happened when I was at my due date, my husband had been getting the car ready with the things we might need, and he put the camera into the glove compartment. A few days later, he found the car unlocked in the morning, then we discovered a few things missing including parking change, Nao's overnight bag for the hospital, and our camera!. He was sure he must have left it unlocked by mistake and felt like a prize wally.
Our camera had squillions of pictures on it which we kept stored on the memory card.
I felt embarrassed because there were lots of pics of me heavily prego in my swim suit looking like a potato with some string wrapped around it. Basically about two years worth of pics, I kept remembering what more could be on there and got a chill run down my spine. I wondered who might be looking at those? {well obviously not a very nice person} and he/she knows where we live.
We never got around to reporting the theft to the police because:
a: Nao was sure it was his fault anyways
b: What difference would it make, we'd never get it back anyway
c: We had another pressing matter to think about at the time
Anyways, I happened to be two weeks overdue before Pehr decided to make an appearance {a very long and painful delivery I might add}. A couple of days later when I was back from the hospital the door bell rings, and this man asked if we'd lost a camera.
Weird! I thought, I said 'yes' in a very surprised tone, and he showed me his police badge {in his wallet, like in the movies} and asked if he could step inside. He then goes on to explain how he was contacted by Cash Converters staff, who had a camera arrive at their shop which still had lots of pictures in it. They thought it could possibly be stolen. The police man checked the records for a claim but none was found, he thought that odd for such a valuble camera {olympus ep-2 by the way}.
He didn't want to give up on it, even though he couldnt press charges without a claim form, so he started looking at all the photos...{after probably having a good old snigger at all the random photies}, he found a photo of our campervan. He looked up the registration number and found our address, and our van parked on the street.
When I opened the door, he recognised me, and our flat, and the tricycle that Nao had renovated, our living room, etc etc...how odd! He said 'so you've had the baby then!'
The moral to this story is {well there are a few actually}...
-Things can get stolen in South East London, and still turn up in your hands again.
-Always report a theft even if you feel like a plonker.
-Some police do care about the small crimes that happen in London
-There are idiots out there that are stupid enough to...
a: nick other people stuff
b: not erase the images of the owners of the camera before selling it, doh!
Because of our statement, and photos being used as evidence, he was arrested and found guilty of numerous other thefts from cars in the area,
...policeman got a box of choccies.
Yay! The End.
p.s. I might write a few more strange stories that have happened to us recently...only if your interested of course!

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