DIY baby - part 1

6 June 2012

This is the first part of many DIY baby post I hope to write. Like our wedding, I find that a way of coping with dramatic life changing events, is to take part in the production {making stuff} which I find strangely therapeutic and I might even go as far as saying, helping me to 'bond' with the squirmy thing in my belly. I now feel that it is not an eel, it is actually going be a human.

Over the bank holiday {mon & tue} I locked myself away in my shed, snipping up old clothes and tiny bits of Liberty print fabric, to clothe the little naked one that will hopefully pop out this autumn.

first attempt was some shoes made from herringbone wool tweed {off cuts from our campervan upholstery} Lined with Liberty Print. I got the pattern for the shoes from the Internet, but I'm not that happy with the shape, so I might make some more and play around with the pattern a bit more.

I made some wee trousers out of some cashmere jumper that had previously had the chop, so there wasn't much to work with! I used the cuffs sewn together to make the waist band which I reckon will be more comfy than elastic. I have no idea if these will fit, I just made it up from memory, but I seem to remember that newborns are mostly nappy shaped.

Then an ickle t-shirt. this didn't go to plan, its always the simple ones that require a lot of faffing. In the end I left the edges unhemed and I quiet like I'll make some more like this but a better shape. I made it out of one of my vests that is really thin cotton jersey type fabric...REALLY stretchy, thus very difficult to hem.

I made a jumper and a pair of trousers {slightly bigger this time to accommodate some growth!} this was my very fine knit cotton navy blue jumper which was destined for the charity shop. I re-used the ribbed parts to make the neck and cuffs. It looks a bit like a mini Guernsey up close. Its very stretchy also and has a drawstring waist.

So that's about it for now! I do hope the little one appreciates my efforts...but it was good fun anyways.
Apart from the shoes, I didn't use any patterns, mostly because I cant be bothered I had limited size of scrap material to work with, but the trousers were REALLY easy to make and are just two pieces sewn together basically.

To recap...the good things about making your own baby clothes are:
A: you can re-cycle your old clothes and your kiddo gets to wear something that you used to wear.
B: you can have cashmere baby clothes, instead of paying £60 for something it's only going to wear for a couple of months.
C: well worn clothes are usually nice and soft from squillions of cycles in the wash.
D: an over-whelming sense of self satisfaction.

The bad things about making your own baby clothes are:
A: they might not fit.
B: It will probably do a poo in, or puke up on, your hard work.

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