17 September 2011

Lewes' make-over part 1

I have just completed a MAHOOSIVE sewing project, well, for me anyways. It was hard to get going as I was quite happy chilling with Plimmy on the bed with a cuppa. However, now that our campervan is booked in to the docs awaiting surgery, it a good time to get all the sewing done for the interior.
So my job is to cover the three big cushions that make up the seats/folding bed.

although many of yous out there might relish the diarrhea brown and burnt orange plaid 70s original, we however, felt something more neutral might enhance our other bits and bobs. I managed to find some nice tweed on ebay for hardly much money at all. Only problem is that it comes in limited lengths, so we had to compromise and use a different tweed on the reverse and some edges.

tweed made in England.

and a tweed made in Scotland. {this is for the front of the cushions}.

this is the largest piece of sewing I have ever undertaken, and to be honest, I hadn't the foggiest how to go about it. So i just made it up as i went along, so no measuring/pinning or ironing of course ; )

I managed to find a tiny bit of floor space in our flat to lay out the fabric, then using a pastel crayon, drew around the piece to cut out. This took me AGES and was very tiring and boring job. At this point I spent most of the time staring blankly into space, not knowing if this was going to work out at all!

anyways, all the bits eventually were cut out, and I started sewing the Velcro fasting on the back.

I couldn't do much more before I fainted for lack of tea.

I joined Plimsoll on the bed and had a little nap. {by the way, I also dyed my hair today, can you tell? its hard work sometimes to graduate my dull mousy blondish hair roots with highlights, without looking naff. I look pretty weird with my natural hair colour, like as if I am really ill or something}

So in the shed tonight I actually managed to sew up all the pieces and soon worked out how to do the corners. Only a few small disasters. The biggest cover didn't want to go on, and it ripped! but luckinly after re-sewing, I worked out away to squeeze the cushion in and it kind of just popped into shape, hurrah!

It was too dark by the time I finished them all to take pics, but you get the idea! Next I have to line the interior wall panels with foam and linen. A much easier job me thinks/I hope.
I even missed the crappy Saturday night telly that I was looking forward to. Did I miss anything good?


  1. Well I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who makes up as she goes when it comes to sewing! I find measuring, pinning and all the sorts way out of my patience-zone and it of course often results in disasters or half-done jobs. Kudos for finishing the cushions AND doing a great job! I can see Lewes coming together really well!

  2. The lovely fabrics you chose are much more "you". I can't wait to see the rest of the makeover!

  3. looks like you've done an amazing job, i love the fabric you chose. hope you're feeling better.

  4. Anonymous18.9.11

    Some one else shares my approach to sewing! Love a project though! This van is going to look just as fabulous as your sheds. Look after yourself, hope you are feeling better and being a lighter shade of blondeness always helps....I should know!
    Katherine x

  5. Wonderfully satisfying ! I did this very job on my campervan cushions after getting a quote for it which gave me a headrush. Now everytime I look at them my heart swells with pride.Good luck with the project.

  6. It's all coming along nicely, little ol' Lewes is going to be the coolest camper van around...looking forward to part 2...

  7. I love that fabric! I love doing big projects like that, when you can just make it up as you go along.

  8. the fabric you have chosen look way nicer than the original one and you did a great job, lewes will look fab after the makeover.
    I don't think you miss much on telly...same old crap.

  9. I know how much you love X Factor! Downton was great though. xx

  10. The fabric you've chosen is gorgeous.

    Your blog is beautiful by the way, i have been reading it for a while and looking at all your lovely photographs x

  11. Linda28.9.11

    Just 'landed' on your blog and am happily reading backwards!

    I shall be following your camper van refurbishments with interest as we have just bought a 1980's Renault doer upper. (We are in France, so that's what is on offer)

    The curtains and cushions are beautiful.