homemade efforts...

4 January 2011

' what on Earth'??...I guess you are thinking...well, its Nao's xmas present i lovingly made for him in my shed. its a neck cushion, ok?

but no ordinary neck cushion, 'cause this ones made of Liberty print cotton and cashmere on the other side. It has a removable cushion that can be replaced with an inflatable one {for aircraft or whatever}. I really feel sorry for Nao that this is as exciting as it gets for xmas pressies...but as i say, a lot of love went into this!

in fact he's been using it every day since xmas as it is perfect for computering/twittering whilst lying in a horizontal position. Not only that but i made some lavender bags to fit inside, an a small handkerchief to fit in the top pocket of his snazzy jackets.

it may not be a diamond necklace, but its the thought that counts, right?

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