tiny acorn

28 November 2010

so, on this rather chilly weekend, we have been surprisingly productive at the same time doing very little and eating mince pies and roast potatoes, pretty much how I want to live the rest of my life actually!
Yesterday I took photos of all our new RUST jewellery collections to put on our online shop, and today Nao has begun uploading them. It will be a few more days before we can launch them, I'll announce it on here and on our RUST facebook page and twitter.
Whilst he was doing that, I did some more wax carving. After making my first piece the other day {see here} I felt all inspired, and made a list of thing to make, and this acorn and leaf was top of the list. It is also about 1cm big.
In fact we found some lovely items in the antiques market that will soon be available in RUST... a little vintage acorn charm and some more foxes. But I thought it would be nice to have our own pieces instead of always looking for vintage ones. So that was our original inspiration for fox and acorn.

some before piccies {actually of the another acorn I made which didn't like! but I didn't take photos of the one above but you get the idea}...

this wax is green instead of blue as it is slightly softer, I think I prefer the harder wax, but the green is a little less brittle I think.

So these things I'm carving should be a complete collection available in the New Year. I'm very excited to see how they look in gold and silver!

Other news in junkaholics life:
xmas decorations going up soon, really looking forward to our first xmas in our own flat and with our cat too! RUST open days still to be confirmed, Bucket Tree due to be updated this week, AND getting EXTREMELY excited at the prospect of owning our own house very soon, with stairs and rooms instead of just two rooms to live in. Its not for certain yet but that doesn't stop me dreaming!


  1. Oh- I love all your carvings, and I so love your blog. Thank you for adding such loveliness to the universe!

  2. your work is so amazing! Love this one :)

  3. Just discovered your blog and am enjoying it! We are also holding our breath about a new house. good luck with yours! a new follower...
    xo, Anna of Green Gable

  4. I love this little acorn. Would look lovely as a pendant.

  5. Loved the fox, and this acorn looks lovely as well!

  6. Anonymous29.11.10

    I'm impressed that its only your second carving, they both seemed to have come out really well :)

  7. Lovely carvings :), Good luck buying your new home.

  8. hello
    I wondered if you will be making something with the acorn and oak leaf? I have a particular love of all things oak because my dad has a company who make oak framed houses and so if you ever make something acorn/oakey I would love to know.
    thank you!
    p.s my house is called Black fox house so maybe both of your carvings are destined to be part of my life???!


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