21 November 2010

Blimey I have been so lazy this weekend, haven't moved much from my bed actually!
The week at work has been very busy what with the new collection I'm making...nearly there!

These letters are actually from one of our very first women's collection from 2006 {ish} and looks like they are still being ordered in Tokyo {thats where these are going} They are designed to hang on that necklace. We found those letters in the market. They were originally carved from Ivory, and we casted them in silver. Most intricate items of jewellery are casted {it would be way too time consuming to carve each piece individually} and most of the time they started life as a block of wax.
There are experts who specialise in just carving, making charms and rings etc... or now even laser carving machines, but thats too technical stuff for me to comprehend!
This weekend, I had a go for the first time carving in wax to make a mould. Its good fun and i did it on a tray in bed!

I made a fox's face...

it is about 1cm big. We might go ahead and make a mould from it and then, if it looks any good, you can buy one!
I'm thinking tiny diamond eyes perhaps? mounted on a little ring or on a fine chain?

I used some tools that came from an old watchmakers tool box that we also found in the market, although i think there are proper tools that you can buy too. Also, the wax is especially made for this kind of carving, it takes tiny details and is quite hard. Now I'm busy thinking what to make next, a bird maybe?

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