a sleeping bag for Mr. Leafy

12 February 2017

I made so many things for P when she was a baby, but I haven't done so for Mr Leafy as yet. I guess I have been too busy, but then that makes me feel a bit sad really. So, I had a day to myself this week and I got back in my shed and made a few things for him!

I found the sleeping bag I made for P has been quite useful for our camping trips, so he definitely needs one as well. I took these photos on a dark morning so they are not great, this sleeping bag is mustard colour with neon pink crosses and embroidered name label.

It is slightly quilted and nice and squishy. (I made P's one a bit too thick and rigid).

It can be rolled up, tied up as a sleeping bag or used as a flat quilt.
I steered clear of zips this time because P sleeping bag zip broke and so did the rucksack zip I made her, boo hiss!

I also made him a little bear to go with his lion I made him ages ago...

This one is made from the scraps of velvet left over from our Rust jewellery Valentine's display. He rattles.

And a crown (mustard is his colour ; )

...and a snake! ...actually I made this for P because she knows her Dad hates them and she finds that exceedingly hilarious.

I love making silly little things for the kids, it makes me feel all full of love and it just kills me when they love them too!

can't wait for camping!


  1. Oh, I really enjoyed this post! I somehow feel restored seeing all of your unique and creative projects turn out so well; so simply and beautifully displayed in these photos. Deep breath aaaahhh. thank you! By the way, I am a long time reader here and not sure I've introduced myself... I'm Anna and live in Seattle, WA. Hello!

  2. I wish I was half as talented as you. All gorgeous!

  3. What a wonderful idea....all of it. I made my little lady a crown for her birthday last year...but made it with cardboard and fabric sewn over...And it's now too small...i like your idea better...and the strap is great...can play with it for longer as their head grows :) thanks for the inspiration

  4. It's all lovely!!!! You are so creative and imaginative. Thanks for sharing.

  5. And again I'm in love with the things you have sewn! (Sorry for my bad english... :( ...)

  6. You make the most divine things for your lovely children. I wish I was half as talented (and motivated) as you.x

  7. Sooooooo cute! I don't know how you find the time for this stuff...you must be a faster sewer than me. ;) I sewed my P a bunch of clothes before she was born, but have only managed a couple new pairs of pants and one dress now that she is a living, breathing toddler who requires constant entertainment and isn't a consistently good napper... :P I miss sewing, but this is the season of life I am in now, and I don't want to pine too hard for it to pass because I know it goes all too quickly anyway.

  8. The mustard is a great colour, especially with small touches of great and pink. I always admire your colour choices. He looks warm and snug as a bug (or a leaf) in a rug.

  9. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. It really has become one of my favourites. You have such a sense of style in the way that you make things and in the way you arrange your home. It really chimes with me and has also helped me to develop my own sense of how I like to arrange things (not copying you, but inspired by you). Thank you.

  10. Thank you for these truly gorgeous photos! I totally love your lion ( and Ted! and crown! and snake! ) Actually, I love everything you make. I can make things myself but have no imagination.

  11. P.s. Please can you tell me if you also knitted Leif's sweater? Impressive!

  12. That snake is GREAT! It's funny how she likes to scare her dad with it. ;)

  13. So wonderful and I can't wait for the camping stories! I hope you are able to camp more this year,(wishing the same for me!)


  14. I was having a stressful day - then I decided to look and see if you had entered a new post! Yeah! Peace and harmony reign again in my life....
    I just love seeing the simple and beautiful things that you make and the lovely life you live with your hubby and two beautiful children. Thank you again for sharing....

  15. Your sewing is immaculate!

    So enjoy your blog and have followed almost from the beginning. Your esthetic in decorating, your lovely jewelry designs, and those of your husband
    Are so unique. I especially love your narratives and pics of the children. Realizing that you are a very busy woman, I try to be satisfied with the time
    In between postings but I long for more news of you and your family. Have newer commented but rest assured, you have my followers, like myself.
    I am lobbying for meow news and less time between postings, please.



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