a sleeping bag for Mr. Leafy

12 February 2017

I made so many things for P when she was a baby, but I haven't done so for Mr Leafy as yet. I guess I have been too busy, but then that makes me feel a bit sad really. So, I had a day to myself this week and I got back in my shed and made a few things for him!

I found the sleeping bag I made for P has been quite useful for our camping trips, so he definitely needs one as well. I took these photos on a dark morning so they are not great, this sleeping bag is mustard colour with neon pink crosses and embroidered name label.

It is slightly quilted and nice and squishy. (I made P's one a bit too thick and rigid).

It can be rolled up, tied up as a sleeping bag or used as a flat quilt.
I steered clear of zips this time because P sleeping bag zip broke and so did the rucksack zip I made her, boo hiss!

I also made him a little bear to go with his lion I made him ages ago...

This one is made from the scraps of velvet left over from our Rust jewellery Valentine's display. He rattles.

And a crown (mustard is his colour ; )

...and a snake! ...actually I made this for P because she knows her Dad hates them and she finds that exceedingly hilarious.

I love making silly little things for the kids, it makes me feel all full of love and it just kills me when they love them too!

can't wait for camping!

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