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20 March 2017

It's Spring! Yes oh yes I am so happy about that! This time last year I was overdue and wasn't really getting excited about the spring or summer, only thinking about baby things. It was difficult to enjoy the sunny weather with a very young baby as he wanted to be held all the time and couldn't be in the actual sun. Also I wasn't feeling confident to go to the beach with my mum bod. This year I'm back to my normal size and have a babe that is ready to make sandcastles! So I WILL tank up on sunlight to get me through the winter ahead.

Although it is not particularly summery right now, it is the Spring Equinox today, so I'd better get the garden sorted for the plants to grow. 
We have been on a few adventures which I haven't posted about. We went to Winchester on a spur of the moment decision. It was lovely and the kids were great, so it was quite stress free. We walked about the ancient city and visited some favourite shops too.

More recently we went on a family trip to London for a few days...

...and to Kempton antiques market of course!

(P was very happy about being taller than this measuring stick)

We found some things for our work, either for shop display ideas or for making candles to sell in our Yarmouth shop.

P found a monkey, some marbles for her collection, a story book, and some hair clips with tomatoes on.

she let Mr Leafy cuddle her monkey too.

I've been looking for ages for some nice white plates so I was really happy to find these old French bistro plates, P took a picture of my happy face 😂

After the market we went to Petersham Nurseries which is a frequent spot for us (we go there for post market lunch, or to Chiswick house).

We parked by the river.

 We also visited the William Morris museum in Walthamstow.

...which has an amazing park with cafe and playground.

P played with the dressing up and puppet theatre and learnt about weaving.

My mister won some jeans from Blackhorse Lane a UK jeans manufacturer. David very kindly showed us around the factory and explained about the denim they use and what all their machines do.

More market!

I bought this canvas sake bag, I think it makes the perfect snack bag to hang on the buggy 😂

and a sheet made from old sugar sacks that we have plans for.

Bits and bobs that we bought this time in London...

 So happy to find some nice old sheets for cutting up, and some new rugs for our house!...

Seeing as I have a free day today (at last!) I am going to clear out the greenhouse and make a jewellery workshop in it. Wish me luck!


  1. Can't wait to hear how your jewellery workshop goes. I also really want to visit the William Morris museum after seeing your photos, I love his patterns!

    Happy spring :) Lauren

  2. Amazing finds! Markets are my favorite!

  3. This is all just so extraordinary, Artemis. I'm SO JEALOUS that you have such amazing, beautiful places to go to, and to take the kids to. They are having such a cool life -- home in the country and field trips to incredible urban places. Ahhhh. It's wonderful. Thank you, as always, for sharing them. When I was a child these were the places I dreamt about, and I still do.

  4. My eyes! My grandfather used to take me to the Weaver & Lock factory in South Perth each Christmas to buy crates of multi-coloured soft drinks in little bottles! How lovely to see those labels in your photos, Artemis! Natsukashii!


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