stop and think again

20 January 2017

It's been an iffy first month of the year in Political terms, on both sides of the ocean, I guess others might disagree with me. 
I'm finding it hard to come to terms with. I thought we'd come so far in terms of being civil and appreciating each others as humans first and foremost. 
I thought it would be hard to get a job managing a supermarket if you used fowl sexist, racist or derogatory language about your colleagues, but it seems you can get a job as a president of a whole country. I thought you'd need some work experience and show a clear understanding of your field, apparently not, no experience needed. 
All I hear is 'Take back control' or Make it great again' like everything 'used' to be perfect and we should all aspire to the past. What amazing past are they talking about? the 70s? 60s?...the 1940s??? What happened to the future? We have new problems now, that need solving now! All I care about is the future we create for the next generations on our planet. That is the reality for the human race.
It truly is a scary time, and it's hard to not let it effect daily life...I try to convince myself that it is all just made up nonsense, and then go about my day as usual.

Aaaanyway, I'm lucky to live in such a peaceful and safe place, and I appreciate it every day. 
There is nothing like going for a walk at sunset to really put life into perspective.

Goodnight People xx

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