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20 March 2015

I have been very much enjoying re-potting these plants that I bought in London, into some nice wonky old pots and putting gravel on top. I love these weird sci-fi type succulent plants, the colours are gorgeous and always make me feel summery.

If you fancy looking at some more plant based summer...take a look at these posts of the past...

more Kew
Syon Park

I have been doing a lot of work on our RUST company of late too, I have been configuring our Japan and UK websites so that they are both (almost, because we have different stock) the same. Lots of web building things I had no idea how to do, but managed it, so feel quite chuffed with myself! I will be updating the RUST UK blog and Nao will be updating the Japan blog on our websites.

New Japan website here.

We now have a RUST Instagram, where I, Nao and Hashiba and Wako from our Tokyo shop, will be posting what we all get up to. We have found this to be a great way for us to all feel part of the same company, all the way across the globe! If you fancy following us or just having a catch up, click here>

Rust Jewellery Instagram.

Last link of the day...I took part in an interview with Zehra Cranmer, all about parent things, which you can see over on her blog here>

Motherhood & Creativity

I hope you all enjoyed the Solar Eclipse? We had thick cloud here so it just went a tad dark is all. I said to our nipper "the moon is going to be in front of the sun and it will go all dark for a bit" ...she replied "oh dear!".

Happy weekend peoples!


  1. Love the succulents! And I think Pehr's is the best response to the eclipse I've heard! x

  2. Your new website looks great. I also really loved you Motherhood & Creativity interview. It's just always so interesting to read about how other people do things! It sounds like you guys have a really good thing going on there. And thank you, you reminded me that I need to stop being lazy and sign Ayana up for the nature playgroup at our local beach. x


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