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21 March 2015

I was lucky enough to get a day in my shed yesterday which was utter bliss. Feels like its been a hectic last couple of months so it's so nice to just have the dulcet tones of radio 4. Am I 65? mentally I am in retirement I think.
Anyways, I really like these 1950s/60s child's smock type bib things that I keep finding everywhere. They are great for our littlun as they go over her clothes or over a vest in the summer and don't require pulling over a wild badger toddler's head. So I copied roughly the pattern of one I had already. It came out really similar in shape so I might make some more. I think it would look great in denim!

The nipper came into my shed and picked out fabric and binding that she liked. Seems she's not a great fan of florals as I got a resounding 'No' when I suggested some Liberty print fabric that I love : (
The raindrop fabric was her favourite.
This dress is made from a lightweight brushed cotton cloud fabric that I found on Ebay (like usual).

So this is the fabric she wanted me to use the most but I only had a little bit of the grey raindrop one so I made a REALLY simple top...

And I made a little waistcoat from this mushroom fabric from Dashwood studio
which is the same as I used last year for these.

I used this amazingly soft brushed cotton that is actually curtain lining...the best discovery EVER. It cost like £3 a metre and it's about 2 meters wide. It's great for batting, lining, blankets, toys, clothes...anything ; )

I tried this morning to get some modelling photos, but it was not easy : /
Please excuse bird's nest hair and socks everywhere.
I LOVE this age, 2.5 years old. She has learnt irony, cunning, sensitivity and appreciation (plus manipulation and deception). 
I said "I made you some new dresses, do you like them?"
She quickly replies "No". 
"Oh that's a shame" I say, a bit miffed.
"I got a dress already" she adds.
me: "yes, but now you have some new ones"
she: "Thank you Mum!"
I'll take that as enough. Randomly I will get a kiss at some point I expect.

her only complaint was that the pockets were too small on this one.

I love making kids clothes, I always start the day thinking I will make something for myself (I have a ton of ideas in my head) but I usually end up making something for the tot instead. The good thing is that you only need half a metre of fabric. Might do some more sewing today as I was owed a toddler free day by the mister ; ) So many more important things I should be doing...yawn.

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