syon park

31 May 2011


Gosh and blimey, we happed across this place...Syon Park, in west London. Its so beautiful, with a massive lake, roses, peonies, water Lilies and ducks! The green house is a bit of alright too.

not only that, but there is a whooping great garden nursery on the grounds too that even has an aquarium {full of colourful baby fish that you can buy for just tuppence!}. AND a cafe! Actually, if it wasn't for these pics, I might have thought I'd nodded off and dreamt it all up...

...and that maybe I had shrunk, because even the scones were bigger than my head.

oh hang on, yes there was a negative...those bloody planes again, roaring over head, its actually like standing on a Heathrow runway. Booo.

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