Great Big London

16 March 2015

Here are some photos (many in fact!) of our recent trip to London. I managed to get all my work done at the workshop so we had plenty of time to enjoy ourselves and celebrate both our birthdays, plus Mother's Day too! We went to some favourite places in London...

then Lambs Conduit street...

Exmouth Market is a small cobbled road near our workshop that has an amazing kids playground next to it and a nice park. In the summer there are plenty of amazing food stalls on the street and it gets really lively in the evenings.

of course we popped into Family Tree shop to say hello to Jo.

the Littlun did get a bit difficult due to being tired but she was alright in the carrier.

We also went to Clifton Nurseries, where there is a lovely cafe and beautiful daffodils everywhere.

I loved these flowers in hanging bottles...

after a walk around the canal, we drove over to Holland Park to visit Cross Shop

They have some really inspiring kids toys ; )

...and Portobello and Golbourne Road

I bought this bit of net curtain and Nao bought 10 meters of unused vintage Swiss waterproof canvas for his projects.

On Saturday (Nao's birthday) we very happily discovered that there was a Classic Car Boot sale on the South Bank (right next to the London Eye) so we drove straight there and luckily we were allowed to park outside the event with the other show vehicles in our Morris Traveler! 

We really enjoyed the car boot...and found so many treasures!

I loved these cushions made from recycled fabric and tea towels. We bought a gold fish and a pike cushion.

...after that we went to Mayfair to visit the New Craftsmen Shop (which is quite misleading because there seemed to be only ladies working there!).

It is an amazing place, where one lady had brought a bit of her workshop into the shop and was carving some sculptures right there!

we bought a monster's toothbrush ; )

On Mother's day we stopped at Peckham on the way home. This is where we lived before we had a kid, and also where she grew up till about 1 year old. It has so many memories for us. Amazingly it has turned really upmarket, and we loved this new cafe/shop/creative space called Trio.

If I was to design a school (which I have done many times in my head!) it would be just like this cafe!

There are lots of uber fancy shops in Peckham now, such beautiful grocers shops and cafes and vintage shops.

and our very old favourite place to eat...

Petitou cafe.

and then it was time to go and catch the ferry home.

Here are some of our pressies that we collected ; )

our fish cushions from Handmade To Measure, who we met at the classic car boot.

and our new dog (until we decide whether to get a real dog) 'Farringdon' the Schnauzer.

I got back home to find these lovely birthday flowers from my friend, they are Scilly Isles Narcissi, and smell amazing!

back to normality, phew.


  1. I love your London posts. Thank you!

  2. Anonymous16.3.15

    Happy birthday to you both. I really enjoyed this post, thank you for sharing.

  3. Just thought I'd comment as I am an avid reader but never leave a comment, just wanted to leave some encouraging words to let you know how much I enjoy the blog. Gorgeous photos here as ever!

  4. Really anxious to see where or what you do with the net curtain.
    Fantastic pictorial photos.

  5. Enjoyed your tour, will have to visit the places you've shown when next in the UK .Happy Birthday to you both

  6. Been waiting for a post - so glad. Happy Birthday! Love to read your posts and look at the photos. Your little Nipper is so sweet!!

  7. Loved loved your post Artemis! Really enjoyed your tour, now feeling terribly homesick.


  8. Well Jell of your purchases, especially the cushions, I loved the lion ones too, such earnest faces! I was in London too last Saturday, we had fab weather and so walked for miles. Our favourite find was the Moomin shop in Covent Garden, ( my little girl is 25! ) Pehr would love it...

  9. I saw you had a new post and all I could think was...OH BOY!! Ran for a fresh cuppa and settled in to enjoy..and enjoy I did.

    Happy Birthdays, Moms Day and all the other days!

  10. Lovely pics as usual Artemis, you certainly know some interesting places in London. The antiques market and car boot look fab although I'm not sure about London prices. I am also curious about the net curtain.

  11. Anonymous18.3.15

    Looks like a wonderful way to celebrate your birthdays and mother's day, what lovely finds, and happy birthday too! x

  12. Absolutely fab photos!!! Thank you!!


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