park life

28 May 2013

On Monday we were soooooo lazy. We just about managed to leave the flat as we would have felt extremely guilty to miss a glimpse of the sun. We went in our camper van to the park around the corner , to look at the ducks and have lunch in the van.

I love it when ducks do this, shameless!

...we couldn't find many ducklings but I think they were hiding in the reeds.

My mister grabbed some food from the supermarket on the way. We had bread and cheese and olives and artichokes and salad and strawberries...basically, a feast.

 nipper played with her toys under the table.

after a snooze, I had the urge to test out the newly restored bunk beds.

of course, I put the little one in there first.

um, slightly dangerous, ...but all jolly fun.

 a good way to waste a day.

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