a few days camping on IOW & Dorset

13 June 2013

At very long last, we managed to go camping! 
We had a week, although we had to go back to London to do some work, so basically three nights on Isle of Wight and then three nights in Dorset. It was lovely although a bit chilly.
My mum retired so we went down to  go camping in her front garden and celebrate with her whilst also watching the annual Round the Island Boat race.

Our babe could be Olympic Gold pebble in the mouth stuffer.

Bonchruch Inn, run by lovely Italian family... very nice cannelloni.

The boats went round really early this year due to the tide, but I must have seen Ben Ainsley go past because I was up with a spritely baby at 5am. This was the view from our campervan rear window...

we also went to Yarmouth for the Old Gaffers festival but we missed the boats as we went on the last day. Anyhow, it was lovely to meet up with the family, and for our tot to meet up with her little cousin.

we had a boat ride in my brothers boat (well, his work boat that is).

all splendid. I had forgotten what sunshine was like.
A few days later, and in review of the weather forecast, we headed on down to our favourite campsite in Dorset.

When I was prego here last year, I remember thinking how lovely its going to be to bring our little'un to meet the peacock and guinea fowls that patrol the farm. And she certainly enjoyed meeting the unusual pheasant type thing...

crikey, I love this place so much!
There were two other tents there when we arrived and they left the next day. Something we said?

everything as usual.

except having a little extra washing up.

and our annual pilgrimage to Lulworth.

and we got to use our new (old) umbrella. It was SO windy we had to put a ton of stones on the pole/anchor thingy, but it stayed up pretty well.

back 'home', Nao scavenged some wood from the owner. Actually the owner of the campsite is such a  kind old man, and he gave us some of his logs and some of his spinach for free.

****ing cold though, there just weren't enough flames licking that log.
The little'un was toasty warm though, don't worry. Wrapped up like an Inuit baby!
In fact she was like hyper smiley, giggly baby the whole time. I think she is an outdoor girl.

I love our babe, I love our van and I love this farm. Thats a whole lot of love. 
...mushy. I must be getting old or turning into a hippie.

p.s. Im planning to do another post all about this campsite in Dorset, like where it is and what its like etc... The owners don't advertise it and are worried at the lack of campers this year (maybe because there is no sign on the road???) and I'd HATE for them to close it down. So start packing your duffle bags now, info to follow shortly x

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