6 whole months!

19 April 2013

Last weekend our wee offsprig turned SIX months! Can you believe it?
As some of yous might know, I was never a 'baby person', I didn't really get it and all that being prego and boob feeding and stuff made me squirm a bit, not for me thank you!
BUT I have to say that as soon as that babe pops out, your internal hard drive kicks in, and all those things I thought Id struggle with, seem like really obvious and natural. Not like how I expected at all. In fact, there was very little thinking and a lot of just doing.
So if any of you out there feel a little bit like I did about having a babe, don't worry is my advice.
 My daughter is my little pal, my buddy...she's not a baby to me, she is a little person that came to live with us.

I used to get in the bath to wash her, but now she is getting too big and squirmy, always reaching for things she shouldn't. So I got one of those bath seat things. 

I love making things with Pehr, whilst she is eating playing with her toys.
Btw, the Bumbo seat is really very handy.

On her six month 'birthday', we stopped by a pond in our van, and showed her ducks, ...she squealed and kicked her legs about.

having a nap in the back of the van on the first warm day of the year...

and I love making things for her, even though she will grow out of it next week.

and buying vintage clothes from the 70s.
These green gingham dungarees are from Little Vintage, so many lovely things in that shop!

She loves: standing up, being tickled, having a hug, her blanket, sweet potato, Plimsoll, her mobile, trying to eat everything, and sitting on Dad's shoulders.

She hates: being on her belly, some random people, mum wiping her face, and avocado.

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