flowers + a tv interview!

26 February 2012

Yes indeed! I introduced a bit of summer to winter, an I think they are getting on. There are flowers everywhere in our workshop, mostly on top of the huge stone well in the middle. Some of these are the same as the ones from my wedding in fact. I love the clematis the best.

In other news, Nao has been interview for a Japanese TV program about the tsunami. If you've been reading my blog long enough, you'll know what happened to Nao's hometown in Miyagi Provence in the Tsunami of last year. To cut a long story short, because Nao uses twitter {a lot!} the mayor of Tokyo happened to respond to his twitter stating that his mum {along with a number of children} were stranded on top of the roof of the town hall. Amazingly the mayor dispatched a rescue helicopter in the morning to rescue them from the stricken town which was now engulfed by fire from the fuel tanks that had leaked from the ships. Its quite a modern wonder, how technology had made it possible to communicate to the other side of the world in emergency situations. We discovered that the rescue had happened when we google image searched for rescue in Kesennuma, and there was the helicopter plucking people to safety, what a relief!!

The TV reporters also talked to Nao about the £11000 we managed to raise via our jewellery company RUST. We made little silver necklaces stamped with the sakura {cherry blossom} symbol and 100% of the sale price and 30% of all Japanese online sales went to help rebuild the school for Autistic children that was swept away by the sea. Nao's Mum is the principle of the school, and the rebuild has already begun, with the brilliant help of Unicef.

So there you go, a funny old day it was yesterday! they even interviewed me, which was very embarrassing and I'm sure they wont use it ; ) Nao's mum has already been interviewed for the same documentary over in Kesennuma...I hope I can show you it when it has been broad casted next month I think.

Wo, I crammed alot it to this post, i hope it made sense?? Today the sun is shining, and we are going out to explore a hidden garden just down the road from us that we never knew about, cool!

Thanks for bearing with my blogging absence, we are so busy at work {which is good} and never get the chance to download my photos : ( xxx

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