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4 February 2012

Today Nao added a few shiny bits to our Fiat, like a new chrome number plate lamp {previously it was black} and a luggage rack, which can just about take a suitcase.

My Welsh blanket has come in handy in this cold weather as the Fiat's heating is non-existent.


We discovered an amazing shop for all parts for Fiat 500s, its called Ricambio the chap there was so helpful and fitted our swish new wing mirrors and gave us lots of advice. I like this about classic cars, people are always so helpful and friendly.

 Nao fitting a new seal on the window.

 Our headlights like to blink a lot, we have to keep an eye on the reflection on the car ahead.

When I was a nipper, we had two of these cars in the family, my brother and my mum. When my mum used to pick me up from school in hers, I was so excited, but I got so pissed off with other kids that called it a bubble car. I'd stamp my feet saying..."Its not a bloody bubble car, its got four wheels, a bubble car is completely different!" 
I always dreamt of driving it when I got older, but something expensive went wrong with it and it was eventually sold. I lost interest in cars at that point. I might learn to drive this one...but maybe not in London, just around country lanes!
This week we have had a great time going to work in it and pottering down to the cafe and just can't help that big ol'grin spreading across your face as soon as the engine starts. Its so funny looking at the expressions of passers by too and other fact I'm concerned that we may cause a traffic accident.
By the way, we went over Tower Bridge on a sunny day with the sunroof was AMAZING!

p.s. Its snowing here in London! but don't worry, Lewes and {yet to confirm its name} Fiat are all tucked up under their covers.

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