13 March 2011

thank you...

...all dear readers for your lovely words of support, I know Nao really appreciates it.

We have been waiting for any news from Kesennuma all weekend, and from what we thought initially was not too bad, has now unfolded into something completely incomprehensible.

Nao is fortunate to have had at least some contact with his immediate family after the tsunami, but since friday all communications have broken. We believe that we have seen nao's mum on the roof of the town hall {where Nao last had word from her on Friday} amongst a group including the special needs children that she teaches, being airlifted to safety, although we cant say for absolute certainty.
We don't know where any of them are now and on top of that there is now the issue of the Nuclear power station which is terrifying.

If anyone has any information that could help, or ways to contact the evacuation centres of Kesennuma or Sendai, {as there are many people still we dont know about}, we'd be very grateful. I know this is unlikely at the moment though.

Many thanks again, and my best wishes go out to all those in Japan that read this blog. Our deepest sympathy to those who have lost friends and loved ones, or who've not heard anything yet.


  1. Thoughts and well wishes to you, and to Nao's family in Japan.

    I too didn't initially comprehend the scale of it - M is out there and his family were visiting - thankfully their travels meant they weren't on the coast at Tokai (where he is normally based) but in Nikko which I don't think was too badly affected. I know hundreds of others weren't so lucky though, and my heart goes out to them.

    Fingers crossed for improved contact and confirmation of good news for you and Nao soon, I will be thinking of you.

  2. Anonymous13.3.11

    Sending you both lots of hugs , poor Nao, you both must be worried sick..

    I saw this morning that the BBC news had a number you could contact, I am sorry I never thought of writing it down.

    I hope that you hear some positive news today.


  3. Hoping for the best for Japan.. I really wish I could help or do something about it. Wishing the positive news will come immediately today.


  4. Dear Artemis and Nao,
    I hope that your family is safe and well.

    Have a look at the google japan crisis page: It has contact info etc...


    I hope this helps.
    Kindest regards

  5. I've been thinking of you and Nao everytime the news is on, its all so awful. Love to you both, I hope you get the news you need soon. xx


    Thinking of you all.

  7. Thinking of you both. Hoping your family is safe and accounted for. Xxxxx

  8. Anonymous13.3.11

    Dear Artemis and Nao...my thoughts and prayers are with you, Nao, his friends, family and all the people of Japan....God Bless. Ruth

  9. It's just so hideous, I'm so so sorry for you both. Really hope you hear some good news soon xx

  10. I'm crossing my fingers, toes, everything for you to get the good news you need.

  11. http://japan.person-finder.appspot.com/ I have just found this site in a Brazilian newspaper. I hope it could be of any help.
    Carolina Mello

  12. thinking of you and Nao.


  13. Dear Artemis and Nao, our hearts go out to you. Wish you will receive your news very soon and that all is well. Keeping our fingers tightly crossed for you.

  14. this is a massive natural
    disaster added to by man's
    need for energy: nuclear
    i am shocked
    by the images i have seen
    you must be distraught
    so much sadness, pain
    and suffering
    find solice together

  15. I have a friend who is on the plane to Japan now, he will be based in Sendai, he is a Sky camera man. I just spoke to his wife as I have a friend in the same situation as you. She said there is very little communication there at the moment, but should hopefully improve over the next coming days as help arrives. If you give me the names of Nao's family I will do my best to get another message to him. It's a long shot, but you never know. (blueskybutterflystudio@hotmail.co.uk)
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Japan at this sad time.

  16. the news and the pictures from Japan are so shocking but it is the individual stories likes Nao and his family that are heartbreaking, they make you realise that there are thousands going through the same torment. I really hope you have both some good news soon, my thoughts are with you.

  17. Anonymous13.3.11

    Try Twitter. I don't know Japanese, but I think there are people tweeting from Kesennuma right now who might have more information:

    Our thoughts are with you.


  18. Some links that might be useful
    The last one is a mixi page listing refuge centers...hope it helps and that Nao's family will be safe.
    Denise in Osaka

  19. Armide13.3.11

    Dear Artemis & Nao,

    At least you know that Nao's mum is alive. But this is still so little comfort!
    I do hope that you will soon get some good news of the wherabouts of other family members and friends. One of my friend is also looking for his brother who lives in Sendai with his all family. This is such a hideous moment to go through! My thoughts are with you. Courage!
    Armide, from Paris France

  20. I pray that you guys will receive peace.I am in constant prayer for you until then.Sincerely~Meme

  21. I have everything crossed for you guys, and am desperately hoping you hear good news soon. Hang in there xxx

  22. The BBC is suggesting friends and relatives of those in Japan contact the Foreign Office on 020 7008 0000. I'm sure you've already tried that avenue though.
    I heard an interview with someone in Northern Japan who was with Save the Children. The charity is moving into affected areas as much as possible and getting to work. Perhaps that might be a way for Nao to find out about his mum, considering she's likely to be with her pupils.
    I do hope that Nao receives news soon.

  23. Thinking of you both.....

  24. I have no words... but thinking of you.

  25. Dear Artemis & Nao,

    Hope you get word soon from your loved ones. The waiting must be horrendous Xx

    Thinking of you at this heartbreaking time & sending much love XxXx

  26. THis has a link to the google person finder tool that they set up during the Haiti and Christchurch earthquake.


    This link has numbers for the British embassy in Tokyo.


    And this links to the helplines in Japan


    I hope some of it is helpful. x

  27. This is a link to the Japanese red cross as well. Might be helpful



    Sorry I can't do more.

  28. nothing i say can help, but I just wanted to let you know i hope everyone's ok xx

  29. Can't even imagine what you must be going through. Hope that positive news comes through very soon. x

  30. Fingers crossed and positive thoughts and hopes sent yours and Nao's way. So terribly sorry for you both.


  31. Catch up on the weeks blogs! I'm so sorry to hear about Nao's family. Lets pray and send positive thoughts.

  32. thoughts, love and all best wishes with you both and I hope you aren't waiting too much longer xx

  33. My prayers go out to Nao's family and all others affected by this devasting disaster.

  34. My thoughts for you and your family and friends in Japan....
    One can´t imagine the horror, the footage is horrific and touches us all,
    I hope there is news soon of your direct family and I hope there will be something we can do in terms of help - soon.
    thinking of the people of japan, at this terrible time.

  35. I'm so upset by this I can't imagine what you and your husband are experiencing right now.

    I truly hope in my heart that you hear from your family soon. I know that other countries including my own are offering help and will continue to do so.

  36. I am so sorry to hear of your worry and pain. Thoughts and prayers for and your family and I hope you get some news soon.x.

  37. I cannot imagine how Nao must be feeling right now. The best thoughts to you both and to all of those people and animals suffering in Japan right now. Stay strong for each other.

  38. sending you a big hug and hoping for the very best of outcomes x

  39. I´m praying for everyone in Japan. Hope you and Nao soon receive good news, stay strong and positive beautiful Artemis...all my love!

  40. dear artemis and nao, it is so sad, I have friends there, too. I wish all the best for your family!
    here's what I found from japanzine, to contact people or get information:


  41. My heart goes out to you both...you are in my heart and in my thoughts. Stay strong.

    Ingrid x

  42. Megan Casey14.3.11

    I'm hoping to somehow find out about an old friend Nobuko Murakami, who I think now works at Kesennuma City Hall. It's a long shot, but maybe if Nao's mother was rescued from the roof of city hall, maybe there's some way someone may have heard something about Nobuko.
    Someone else has put an entry for her on the Google Person Finder.
    I'll keep checking there, and subscribe to the comments here, just in case.

  43. This kind of waiting that you and Nao are going through must be the worst possible feeling I can imagine. I've got my fingers crossed for happy news. x

  44. Anonymous14.3.11

    My thoughts are with you too.

  45. Megan Casey,

    Please could you forward an email address? we will do our best to find out if she was on the roof too.

    meanwhile, here is a link to the footage we saw of their rescue.
    Nao's mum is now definitely safe and reunited with her husband!


    my email: artemis@rustmadeinengland.com

  46. Him and his family are in my thoughts and prayers, and you too! Must be a very confusing, hard time for all of you.

  47. If there is ANYTHING at all I can do just ask. I can't even imagine what you guys must be feeling...

  48. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope you hear from your family and friends soon.

  49. I've never posted here before but been reading your blog for a while now - I hope Nao's family are okay and will be thinking of them and everyone else there.

    You may want to read this post to put your mind to rest over the nuclear issue, there's been a lot of misinformation in the media and the nuclear threat is nowhere near as bad as it was at Chernobyl (for instance) and there seems to be little threat to the general population thank goodness:


  50. Thoughts and wellwishes. I´m hoping for angels.

  51. Itsasne15.3.11

    Just found this link with before and after pictures:


    so sad

    Hope Nao is getting some more good news from his family and friends x x x